Sarah Hanson-Young raises $30K in GoFundMe to sue David Leyonhjelm
Trudeau. I watched it just for the eyebrows.

SteveJ with some advice from the work-bench for Sarah Hanson-Defamation-Litigant


Steve J said:
If this gets to Court the cross examination of Hanson Young will be a Hoot!
The truth of the statement will be an issue. So does she shag men (plural).
How many and when?
This would also be relevant to any assessment of damages if she won.
Fair comments made in the public interest are excluded. Is a Politician making statements that are inconsistent with her private actions something the public has an interest in knowing?
Was Barnaby Joyce fair game because of inconsistencies in some public statements and private actions?
Of course anything said in Parliament is protected.
On top of this those contributing should not think they are immune from any consequences if she loses and can not meet Leyonhjelms costs. If costs are incurred for the ultimate benefit of some entities (or as they direct) there is usually an implied indemnity towards the person incurring the costs from the entities for whose benefit the expenditure is incurred. So for example in a Trust where the interests of the beneficiaries is fixed, the incurring of expenses by the Trustee is subject to a right of indemnity against the Trust assets and if those are insufficient that right extends to recovery from the Beneficiaries.
And he so advises.