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ADF Statement regarding the use of gender-neutral language

Over the weekend News Limited followed by other media ran stories like these:

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This morning, the ADF issued a statement that starts

"Reports regarding Defence requiring the use of gender-neutral language are wrong".

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So who's right and who's wrong?  

I know that you come to this website because you like to form your own opinion.

You know that you need the facts to do that.

So here is the ADF publication that News Ltd based its stories on.


Australian Defence Force Academy LGBTI Guide by Michael Smith on Scribd


In my opinion, the ADF has become one of the slipperiest organisations in the country.

It doesn't talk straight any more, if you'll excuse the pun.

I hate watching that happen.

My great-grandmother's 3 boys were foundation members.

Gerald Patrick Smith crewed our first  capital ship HMAS Australia on her maiden voyage.

He was one of the first Australians in action against the Germans in New Guinea when WW1 broke out.

Sergeant Leslie John Smith, Regimental No 119, 1st AIF is buried in the Ribemont Commonwealth War Cemetery on the Western Front.

My granddad Percy Leo saw Les killed in action by the Germans on 30 March 1918.

I was in the Army for 8 years.  Dad was an artilleryman.  His brothers served in World War Two and Korea.

The ADF is now led by my mum's cousin Angus Campbell.  

Aunty Anne Campbell would be turning in her grave at the circus young Angus leads.

Young Angus and the braided brigade must think we came down in the last shower.

The LGBTQI-WTF guide starts with huge black and white capital letters:

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 7.38.12 am

Anyone who's been in the service knows all about obeying commands.

The ADF has a hierarchy and everyone up to the Governor General has a boss.  Sir Peter gets two very nice ones, Lady Cosgrove and Her Majesty.

Brigadier Cheryl Pearce is the boss at the Defence Force Academy.

And she wrote in her Command Intent:

leaders will be required to make ethically based military decisions guided by an appreciation of the capability and strength that diversity brings.......

the learning environment and culture at ADFA must be inclusive and diverse

She said the guide was issued:

to enable ADFA staff.....when making decisions regarding the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or intersex (LGBTI) community

The publication remains in force, published on the ADF website here today.

Young Angus and the ADF chiefs sound slippery in their statement in response because that's what they are.  

You could boil their boiler-plate down to:

"We don't order people to use LGBTQI-WTF words.  We require they reflect Defence's values by using appropriate diversity-inclusive language.  And we promote, discipline, enlist, commission and discharge people based on how well they assimilate our diversity-code."

That's what makes this stuff so dangerous.  

Get with the program.  

Which program is that Sir?  

The one that destroyed Karel Dubsky and made a star out of David Morrison.

Lest We Forget.