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Are WA Police running a protection racket for Bruce WILSON and GILLARD?

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On 30 July this year retired detective sergeant Dave McAlpine wrote to WA's Police Commissioner to advise him of the existence of new evidence in the Gillard/Wilson slush fund investigation.

On 15 August a detective sergeant from WA's Serious and Organised Crime Division replied on the Commissioner's behalf:

"..should you or someone else be in receipt of additional evidence that you believe has not been considered you are invited to provide that to this office so that an assessment of its relevance and impact can be made."

As a result of that letter, Dave and I had a number of discussions - the end result was that we agreed to take the police up on their offer.   We agreed to prepare a detailed brief of admissible evidence against a range of crooks.

I flew to northern Thailand to be with Dave and we got cracking!

It's not a simple or quick task.

We've been contacting witnesses, taking statements, arranging for the correct witnessing/jurat administration and the like.  We've been doing it for free - at no cost to the state or anyone else.

On Sunday we went public and told you what we've been doing.

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Yesterday we published the police letter inviting us to submit the additional evidence.

Well, we've clearly hit a nerve.


I want you to know something about Dave and me.

We don't frighten easily.  

And we don't tolerate crooks regardless of how nice their jewellery or suits are.

It's risible that the WA Police, having issued an invitation for us to submit fresh evidence would write to say that regardless of what we've got, they won't reopen the investigation.

They haven't seen so much as a single page of this new and damning material.

But there are other ways to bring this evidence to the courts.

Our system of democracy and the rule of law provides citizens with many safeguards.  There are ways and means to have administrative decisions like this one reviewed.

Dave's a seasoned campaigner and I've been through the school of hard knocks too.

This doesn't end here.  Nothing has changed for Dave and me.  Not one jot.  We forge ahead.

Never give up.

PS - we also try to be well mannered gentlemen and to keep our correspondence in order.

Yesterday, Dave and I wrote to the WA Police Commissioner to make it clear that we'd accepted his police service's original invitation.

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Every touch leaves its trace.