UK - 10,000 Muslim men attend funerals of 4 hoodlums killed when their BMW crashed after police chase
Black US police officer's last radio call after 32 years service - and not one sick day!

CCTV of the UK's 4 Muslim "brothers" and their 5.30AM high speed car crash

I've published this CCTV footage for two reasons.

Firstly, some Muslims in the UK are lionising the hoodlums who died in the BMW.  There's plenty of commentary on social media about oppressive police action - even complete fabrications suggesting the police car rammed the hoodlum vehicle and caused it to crash.

I think it's in everyone's interests to see precisely what happened in the leadup to the crash.

Secondly and to me much more importantly I'm presenting this evidence in support of the police officers in the unmarked car.  Their lives will be changed forever.  I hope they have the support of a strong government behind them - because they have a strong and aggressive movement coming after them.

The vision shows the reckless, dangerous driving of the BMW and the way it and it alone came to grief.  But the truth of that vision is at odds with the narrative taking hold about police contributing to the "tragic deaths' of the "brothers" who, according to some UK Muslims, should be accorded the highest ranking in Paradise.

Four young bucks speeding dangerously in a BMW at 5.30AM.  What does their community think police who saw that car should have done?

The people who published this CCTV footage have edited out the last moment of impact, no doubt out of respect for the dead men and their families.  That fact helped my decision to publish.

My condolences to the families of the dead - I hope they find peace in the truth.