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Complaint to the Information Commissioner about Julie Bishop's FOI fail on Korean War MIAs




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And this is an extract from our original 20 June 2018 story

The Australian newspaper published this report.

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It included this text:

Former veterans’ affairs minister Stuart Robert, who has taken up the campaign by the families of the Korean War MIAs for ­answers, said the wheels were ­already turning for Australia to join the US and get boots on the ground in the communist North to find our war dead.

He spoke yesterday to Foreign Minister Julie Bishop about having the Americans extend the deal to cover Australia’s MIA. “I simply said to her, ‘Jules, we need to be in that discussion’,” Mr Robert told The Australian. “And she said, ‘Yep, we are already there … we are on it.’ Julie was ahead of the curve on this, to her credit.”

Ms Bishop later revealed she had made “numerous representations” on the issue, but none had been acknowledged by the North Koreans. “The fact that it was raised by President Trump and it has been agreed by North Korea gives us some hope that Australia will also be able to make representations to North Korea for the ­return of our war dead,” she said.

Extract Ends

The Australian is a journal of record and its story has not been corrected by The Minister.

Last Friday I made an application under the FOI Act for the details of Ms Bishop's numerous representations.

Yesterday the "DFAT FOI Team" wrote to me to say they were searching DFAT's files for those details.  They've promised to let us know what they find - within 30 days.

I'll keep you posted, because despite Ms Bishop's assertions about her numerous representations, there's not a trace of a single one on the public record.

And, as we know, every touch leaves its trace.  

Even in North Korea.