Bishop resigns as Celebrity Foreign Affairs Minister - moves to back bench
Morrison's Ministry - Pyne Defence - Payne Foreign Affairs - Abbott Zip Nada Nothing


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Dennis Thompson

Fantastic result.


New Tricks, loving it.

Liz of Vic


I am in support of what both of you are intending to do!

As I said before 'Good Luck', one day we must get lucky!
You have my full confidence.


This is starting to get excellent ;)

The evidence is overwhelming. Documentary and witness evidence.

This is not Parliament or to the press where Gillard can say she's 'victim' of 'misogyny'.

She has to front up to the strong evidence against her or else her credibility is in tatters.



Congratulations Michael and David. It appears all your hard work over quite some years, is going to pay off. Gillard and all the other fraudsters and associates that were trying to keep a lid on this may have some sleepless nights for a while, and then face justice.


Brilliant news Michael and Dave.

Michelle Two

This song come to mind.. it was the first song I heard on the radio on Friday..

A tiger has keen instincts and stays back and observes and doesn't give his game away if he did he might starve along with his pride..
Risin' up back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance now
I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
So many times, it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive
It's the Eye of the Tiger
It's the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor
Stalks his prey in the night
And he's watching us all
With the Eye of the Tiger


Why can't the police brass or politicians who stopped the investigation or prosecution be charged with perverting the course of justice?

Jeff of FNQ

Great news.


waiting with every thing crossed ! Hoping finally justice will be served.


Fair question.

Rob Simpson

This is what happens when the tenacious refuse to give up. Ever so slowly, things start to swing the other way.

Michael, you have my total support. I've been following this blog since 2012 and have told people about it over the years. Finally, it all seems to be building to a magnificent crescendo. So many life lessons to be learnt from this entire saga.

Rob Greer

That, Gentlemen is music to my ears.

There really is a place in everyone's life for the pursuit of justice and the justice of honesty.

A long and tedious road has been trod by you both ... I know of your tenacity Michael and when you say Dave is there with you all I can say is, Thank you both and may justice prevail.

God bless you both. RG


Thank you, Michael. Best wishes to you and Dave. You have dedicated so much of your time and energy in doing what our law enforcement agencies & State/Federal Govts have so far neglected/avoided to do for so long.

We hope that this is dealt with fairly & strictly according to State/Federal laws. Conflict of interest may come into play. No one, not even the 'Not for Profit' organisation is above the law.


Outstanding effort! I wonder if the hapless clowns in the LNP realise the risk this poses to Hon Bill Shorten. Probably they do not. But, what an indictment of the TURC. Having said all that perhaps the problem is that both the LNP and ALP are so corrupt there is an agreement to kill this off.?

The independence of the WA Police seems critical to the outcome. But what of Victorian and Commonwealth offences?

Anyway, stunning work.


Fair Question but I have asked it before and did not see an answer.

To put it bluntly the ones who stopped the investigation prosecution would have had to have been shown the evidence therefore they are as guilty as Gillard and co.

Can someone please answer the question?


Good point

seeker of truth

Six long years and you are almost there. I'm glad you have had to do the work for them as nothing has been missed by you. We are so fortunate that through Blewitt's charging last year, his legal team had been able to get access to the earlier evidence gathered by the WA and Vic police. You and Dave were able to view this evidence and it let out its secrets. With Dave as your partner, you now have a foot in the door to give it your best shot with the WA Police. Hoping they see the light. I know no stone has been left unturned. The legal system now has to be on your side. Good luck and many thanks to Dave for joining in this fight to bring the crooks before the Court with evidence that has to be accepted as it does not have a TURC connection.

Michelle Two

Not getting nervous are you, just that feeling in the pit of the stomach again.. When you get that nervous feeling think of what could go right so look for the light and not what could go wrong.. As something always turns up that helps you get to the next step.. nothing in life is ever as bad as it seems once you get over that fear bubble that is holding you back from achieving your dreams.. Patience though as these things to complete may take time..
With a new Prime Minister it has changed the energy some what it is a waiting game though to see what way they are going to go and if the conscience and strong will play a part in how Morrison handles the darkforce when it goes against his moral judgement.. as he may be more switched on then those that were in the dark, it depends where the loyalty lies and how much pressure he comes under and it is a short stint as the PM as the election will roll around fairly quick in this collapsing timeline of events that need to be completed..
So stay positive and always look for the light even when walking through dark tunnels.. for there is always something to be grateful for and to also look forward to as you are creating it as you go.. bring it home baby ... all will turn out okay with whatever happens.. this journey isn't over yet.. it has only just started .. mountains to climb and sharks to catch.. the Sea of Galilee soul must of learned something at that time, besides great fishing, being shown how to manifest with belief and faith as your guide.. when the odds are against you it is your faith that sees you through hard times.. xx love and light xx


Why would persons you suspect might be crooks, or who might have assisted crooks, consent to you interviewing them "under caution" or otherwise? What happens if such persons refuse to be interviewed? Would their refusal somehow fall within what you referred to as "admissible evidence"?

[Confession is good for the soul. MPS]



So we have ScoMo up to the election & if we get Billy [ the alleged original AWU Scandal "Cleaner"] next; he may not go the distance either!

Interesting Times indeed.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Learning to manifest I mentioned in my last comment last night and so it is.. from the Sea of Galilee came faith and belief but also a "Treasure Island" which is the message this morning so abundance and all your needs being met. So it is not always about money but feeling fulfilled in all area's of your life and going with it as your positive affirmations and intentions always bear fruit and your patience is rewarded as you get what you need at the right time, once you release your soul from the past and things you no longer need.. New energy and a fresh start with abundance abound there should be nothing that soul needs at this time.. ego will always want more but if you have the basics of life at your beck and call when you need something by law of attraction it finds its way to you.. Trust spirit and your higher soul as it knows exactly what you need and when you need it .. that is where faith and a knowing comes in that you are being looked after even when you don't always see what is best for you, your higher consciousness knows better and it all depends on where your intentions are and what your soul energy is manifesting, for sometimes we don't believe we need something but our world might fall apart for some reason, this is only your soul going through a process of searching,healing and letting go of the past and the old in order to find that new path, the one you had been calling on if you weren't content with where you were in life..
With the coming in of the New Energy as well souls are awakening to their true path and it comes from the passion you feel inside and following your heart that fulfills you, so your soul always knows where to go and will hold all the answers and guidance to see you through.. You are where you are meant to be and soul will move when the timing is right and your manifesting your needs at each step.. So listen to your heart speak and you will find the Treasure on your Island because all the riches in the world is the love in your heart and following it as it will lead you home and to a place of contentment that you shouldn't hide.. xx love and light xx
Have a great day I had better get to work, so be mindful of what you are drawing to yourself is it what you really want if not step back, re-evaluate and look for the light and stay positive when you ask your soul for your needs to be met.. also patience for the best things in life take time to manifest as your soul always has a plan it is up to your freewill to navigate your creation called life and to accept and allow what is out of your control as it was not meant for you.. So walk away from what doesn't serve you and what you manifest will serve your needs.. so live in the present also without worrying about the future for it takes care of itself with the decisions you make in the present moment.. love you always xx


Fantastic work, Michael and David.

Michelle Two

There seems to be a bit of an ocean and beach theme with spirit at the moment so if you are near the ocean it may be time to go and cleanse and ground your soul with the ocean breezes to re-energise you.. If not near an ocean outdoors anywhere will do.. I am a mountain girl, love the view from my house.. You have a great backdrop in the photo but I believe you may be a bit of a beach boy.. Try and get outdoors before jetting off again just for a change of scenery from the computer screen.. Beautiful weather here today it feels like spring is in the air.. I picked up my Lost Ocean colouring book last night as well .. so the ocean it is when you get the chance..xx love and light xx

Till then here is one from the Beach Boys to please your senses..


Wonderful news Michael & Dave. Congratulations. This will have the absolute potential to take down Gillard and others. Also it has the potential to destroy Bill Shorten's chances of becoming Prime Minister. There's still a chance that Shorten will not end up in the lodge in Canberra. Because the fraud happened against the AWU which is Shorten's union where he was the state & national secretary, and also more ominously he was involved in the cover up of the fraud, in fact he was one of the principal conspirators in the AWU fraud cover up. Shorten must be along with the others be investigated of fraud & the cover up together. The crooks & the cover up people must be charged over this.


Michael somehow I have been BLOCKED from my messenger account on my phone.
Trying to fix it now but l might hace to reload my FB account to fix it.
The immediately it's fixed close down the FB account down again.


Well said, I completely agree

Michelle Two

I was getting from spirit the name Sea of Galilee as a hint to that dream from the mountains to the sea..
That is besides what soul learned but hints as to what the Chairman might be hiding.
The GBR has a name in it called the Galilee Basin so a fight is on about Adani and locking away or opening up the coal mines in the area..
So the GBRF was given half a billion dollars for something to do with the mining areas around it.. protection money or what are the darkforce interest in the GBR as they were tag teaming between here and NZ..and lots of money movement then followed.
Plus the buy back of Snowy from the states they want control of our waterways and agricultural land..

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