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GILLARD's gong for "outstanding education reforms". Result of her reform? "Schools in absolute decline"

Julia Gillard has deepest-thanked Curtin University for "the privilege" of receiving "my very great honour".

Curtin must be an easy touch - they gonged Gillard for her "outstanding contribution" to education.

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Ms Gillard, who is also Patron of the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library, received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters in recognition of her outstanding contribution to education and social inclusion as well as her distinguished career in political leadership, spanning almost two decades.

“Julia Gillard’s influence on public life has been exceptional through her distinguished career in law and politics, but it is her role in education reform that has arguably been her greatest contribution to Australian society,” Professor Terry said.

“Over the course of her political career, Ms Gillard linked education reform with her vision of an economically prudent, prosperous and fair Australia that faced the global financial crisis and guided Australia through its longest resources boom during her time of leadership.

“Ms Gillard introduced a number of education policies and programs that have helped create access to education for all Australians, and this award is a fitting acknowledgement of her outstanding ongoing contribution and service to the community.”


Really.  They are in fantasy land.

Here's the OECD data on our performance in education after Gillard's outstanding reforms.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 3.51.51 am