Turnbull was outright evasive about probity concerns on Barrier Reef $.5BN foundation grant
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Great Barrier Reef Foundation supports Turnbull's position on Paris Agreement

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has no room for questions about climate data.

It's decided what the greatest threat to the reef is.

And according to it, only by staying in the Paris Agreement can we "save" the reef.

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We believe climate change is the biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef.

We support the Paris Agreement and believe every individual, business and government, both in Australia and internationally, has an important role to play in achieving these targets.

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is acting by prioritising projects that build the Reef’s resilience to the impacts of a changing climate and participating in constructive dialogue on policy options.

We accept our broader role in helping our partners and the community understand the impacts of climate change and what they can do to care for our environment.

It's certain about the Paris Agreement, but the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has Absolutely No Flamin' Idea about what projects will be funded using Turnbull's $500M gift.

They've got the money - but no idea what to do with it.

Great work Malcolm.  

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