Deputy PM (blub, blub, blub, blub, blub) says today marks an achievement
Senator (fmr General) Jim Molan receives his briefings from Turnbull via "media reports"

Julie Bishop anoints Wyatt Roy for Lib Prime Minister

From the Where Are They Now files.

Julie - Wyatt will be PM. 

This is a rare document from the dawn of the Innovation Age, circa September 2015.
Wyatt Roy's qualifications seem to arise from knocking back Bundie and Cokes at Harbourside Mansion.
Here's the Courier Mail article from September 2015. 


Julie Bishop says Wyatt Roy will be Australia’s prime minister in 2029

WUNDERKIND Wyatt Roy is being groomed by Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop to be the next-generation Liberal prime minister.
Mr Roy, who says “What politician that you ask wouldn’t want to be PM?”, has revealed how he and former merchant banker Mr Turnbull have chewed the fat for hours at the Prime Minister’s Sydney mansion — Mr Roy drinking “Bundy and Cokes’’ and Mr Turnbull swigging a glass of wine.

The 25-year-old new Assistant Innovation Minister also counts Foreign Affairs Minister Ms Bishop as a great friend and mentor.

Yesterday in New York, Ms Bishop revealed who she believed in her party had the stamina to win the next five elections.

Speaking about Australia’s bid for an open seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2029, Ms Bishop said the campaign was not about her ambition.

Assistant Innovation Minister Wyatt Roy says he talks to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull “quite a lot”.

“I don’t believe I will still be Foreign Minister at that time,” she said. “I will leave that up to prime minister Wyatt Roy in 2029.”

Ms Bishop, who developed a close relationship with Mr Roy during the Abbott apathy years, initially bonded with the youngster over tough preselections and winning seats.

Mr Roy beat Labor to take his Sunshine Coast seat in 2010.

Mr Roy, who backed Mr Turnbull in the Abbott coup, laughed yesterday when asked about Ms Bishop’s prediction, saying it was “ridiculous”.

“She’s very kind,” he said. “She was a big supporter during my first campaign.

“She’s got amazing instincts. She’s sharp on politics and can see where things are going. She’s also got incredible (emotional intelligence).”

Asked if he harboured prime ministerial ambitions he said: “What politician that you ask wouldn’t want to be PM?” 

“This is a Pandora’s box,” he said of being asked about his ambition.

Mr Roy, who in the past year has constantly bounced ideas and policies off Ms Bishop and Mr Turnbull, has set himself an energetic pace and will begin rolling out his vision to kickstart Australian innovation. Some of those ideas were formulated during long chats at the Turnbull residence at Point Piper, Australia’s most expensive suburb.

“We talk a lot,” Mr Roy said of the new Prime Minister.

“We get on quite well. When you talk to Malcolm it’s all about ideas. He’s given me the best advice — that you need to have Zen in this job and that you don’t take it personally; don’t hold grudges.”

However, the door swings both ways, and Mr Roy said he had given advice in turn to the Deputy Liberal Leader.

He advised Ms Bishop not to use emoticons on Twitter — advice she ignored, he said. Ms Bishop is an avid fan of using the picture symbols to describe how she is feeling.

In 2010, when Mr Roy romped home in Longman to become the nation’s youngest ever federal MP at the age of 20, former Liberal treasurer Peter Costello tipped him to become the leader of the party by 2035.