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Lauren Southern tour organiser refuses to pay Victoria Police $68K bill

This is David Pellowe, director of Axiomatic Events which promoted the Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux tour of Australia.

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By all accounts he's a decent bloke and, I'm told, he pays his bills.

But not this one.

Fair enough too.  It's victim-blaming to quote Ms Southern.

You can find the petition here:


Premier Daniel Andrews, Police Minister Lisa Neville,

Cancel and apologise for past invoices issued to those who have broken no laws and cooperated fully with Victoria Police. Publicly announce a policy to instead target only those individuals or groups protesting without permits, trespassing on and/or wilfully damaging private property, inciting violence, or harassing and intimidating law abiding citizens in the myriad ways that they do.

Return Victoria Police to performing its legislated purpose of serving the Victorian community and upholding the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society. Immediately direct your Chief Commissioner of Police to stop imposing fees on the victims of lawless behaviour which, in effect, enables and rewards thugs for using threatened and actual violence.


I'm yet to receive a reply from Victoria Police as to how much it charged its CFMMEU masters while they shut down the city.

Hey @VictoriaPolice - how much have you charged the CFMEU?

Victoria Police has announced it will send a $68,000 invoice to a young Canadian woman who's scheduled to deliver a speech in Melbourne tonight.

I've asked Victoria Police to tell us how much they've billed the CFMEU over performances like these.

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