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My email to the Commonwealth on Turnbull's pretend prime minister website

Turnbull's arrogance is an affront to decent Australians.

His private website still carries the Prime Ministerial livery just on one week after he lost the job.

Coppers can't say they're still coppers once they're out of the job.  Why should Turnbull get away with it?

So rather than bitch, I did something!

Here's my email to the House of Representatives Serjeant at Arms, CC'd to the Clerk.

Dear Serjeant at Arms,
I refer to a website purporting to be the website of the Prime Minister of Australia.
I've attached screen-grabs captured today, 30 August 2018.
Here are details which might be helpful in contacting the person responsible for the continuing impersonation and/or passing off.
Registry Domain ID: D407400000002510498-AU
Registrant Contact Name: Malcolm Bligh Turnbull
Registrant ID: ABN 49078670890
Eligibility Type: Company
While he was Prime Minister Mr Turnbull routinely included his personal URL in official Australian Government statements and directed readers to his private webpage for media releases and the like. Thus its continued presence with its false and misleading claims about the currency of Turnbull's leadership is likely to be embarrassing to Australia.
The website publishes a statement in which copyright over the content of the site is asserted to be owned by Malcolm Turnbull.  It also states the publications thereon are authorised by Malcolm Turnbull.
I'm unfamiliar with parliamentary and governmental protocols - your responsibilities appeared to me to encompass this matter.  If you agree perhaps you might let me know what action you propose to take.  If not could you suggest another parliamentary, ministerial or law enforcement officer who could better act on my report.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Smith
Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.01.18 pm
Remember Turnbull going on about Labor's Mediscare campaign on the night of his near-death election?
This was the result.
Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 11.08.11 pm
Labor's Stephen Jones MP said of the bill:
It creates a new offence of impersonating a Commonwealth office
We'll support the bill, but we argue quite strenuously that it is not necessary. There are already sufficient powers and offences within the Commonwealth Criminal Code.
there is not a scintilla of public interest in the bill before the House.
It is all about the private political interests of the Prime Minister and the woeful performance of his party in the 2016 election. 
How true!  And prophetic.  The people that let Turnbull do what he did to us all need a good flogging.