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One of the petitions setting out to destroy Sky News

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Qantas, get Sky News off your screens!


Sky News is played prominently in Qantas lounges and on screens on their fleet of planes. But this channel eroded its dedication to news long ago, with a creep of partisan panel or opinion shows that often lack balance, relevance and an adherence to basic media ethics.

Update: Sky News invited Nazi Blair Cottrell onto their show - he wants a picture of Hitler in every Australian classroom. Then he threatened to rape their female presenters. Does Qantas want to keep screening this dangerous hate to its customers?

On Sunday July 1, the Outsiders program hosted by Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean aired defamatory, disgusting and sexist comments about a female politician, made by Senator David Leyonhjelm. As always, this offensive rubbish was blared across Qantas’ screens. 

Why is a public company that prides itself on inclusion and Australian values paying to spread this nonsense? Qantas passengers have no escape from it. The airline must immediately cease its commercial relationship with Sky News and choose either a news organisation with a belief in the tradition of fairness and balance, or just play cartoons or something instead.