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Overnight I was asked by an American mate who's close to the Trump camp (and involved in The Clinton investigations) what the change means.  

He was quite succinct:

Good mate?

My answer:

Yes a bit - but could be better.

Turnbull led a two-prong push that was terribly damaging to Australia (and our cause).
First he pushed his Party, the Government and Australia way, way to the left. 
He further entrenched the sorts of causes The Clinton Foundation uses as a backdrop to corruptly raise fund - Paris, overseas development aid etc.
Secondly he has serious personal wealth ($200M+) which he amassed by rubbing shoulders with Leftists and trade unionists who had the inside running on every low-risk M&A transaction ever whispered about in the corridors of power.  He was Chairman of Goldman Sachs here and had influence in New York.  
The combination of all that meant a strong pathological disinclination to pursue the Clintons.
His Foreign Minister Julie Bishop fell in lockstep with him.  
Remember he was heading up our party of the right or more accurately conservative side of politics.  He was bitterly hated by people like me for what he'd done to the party and country.  As an example after he ruthlessly rolled his predecessor Tony Abbott, Turnbull's first public utterance was to declare "We are not going to war with the trade unions" - this while a Royal Commission of Enquiry into Trade Union Governance and Corruption was holding public hearing disclosing egregious corruption.
So a rebellion had been brewing amongst the conservatives.  Their man - Peter Dutton - took Turnbull on.  Turnbull however deployed all sorts of spoiling and delaying tactics and the end result is that a potential Turnbull clone has replaced Turnbull.
Had Peter Dutton won I would have written to you yesterday.  I know Dutton particularly well.  He's a former Detective with the Queensland Police - cops in that state take no shit (our North is like your South).
I am currently in remote Thailand with the now former detective sergeant who first investigated the Gillard/AWU scandal.  We have been invited  by the Western Australian authorities to submit a brief of new and compelling evidence placing Gillard and others in a criminal conspiracy.  And so we shall!
Trump saw straight through Turnbull and his cronies.  You might get a sense of where I stand from my website!
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