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Rod Culleton convicted in Perth Court on charges laid by Dave McAlpine

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Retired DETSGT Dave McAlpine claimed another crooked politician's scalp today

Former One Nation Senator Rod Culleton was today convicted in the Perth Magistrates' Court on a charge of stealing.  The man who laid the charges and was responsible for the case against Culleton is our own Dave McAlpine.

As a serving policeman Dave investigated a complaint against Culleton - as a result he became responsible for:

  • correctly charging Culleton
  • preparing the Brief of Evidence against the offender
  • finding and taking statements from witnesses
  • securing exhibits and presenting them to the court in an admissible form

Despite his retirement Dave remained involved as the case made its way through the courts.  He was called back to Perth to appear in court in person.

Dave spent 5 years in the WA Police Public Sector Corruption Unit.

It's the man, not the badge that counts.

He knows a crooked politician when he sees one.

Fraudsters and people who tell lies in court have very very good reason to fear Dave McAlpine.

Dave knows every trick in the book crooks use to try to avoid conviction.

Right now Dave's on an airplane - there's more to come when we get the chance to speak.  I'll interview Dave when he lands and he can explain what the case was all about.

But for now, Dave managed to fire off this message before he boarded:

Mate rod culleton convicted, flamin' beautiful, now watch the fireworks start again....

Isn't it great to see that sort of enthusiasm from a corruption-buster allegedly enjoying his retirement!

One down.........

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