What will Julie Bishop be remembered for?
Liberal Poll - The winner is.........Bill Shorten

Solicitor General advice not terribly negative for Peter Dutton!

On closer reading the advice is broadly favourable but equivocal - and as many have pointed out, only the High Court can make a decision.

That said, there's no clear path to get the matter before the High Court, so it appears to be a fairly minor issue.  Maybe. Smiley Face (the above has been edited). 

...and don't forget your Malcolm Turnbull memorial ringtone!



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Rimg tone Absolutely Brilliant.


Good try by Turncoat but he just notched up yet another failure of judgement. Now if he would only POQ and take his dummy with him.

seeker of truth

Rumours are circulating among the Lib MPs in Canberra that if either Morrison or Bishop win the leadership vote, Turnbull will stay on in Parliament so that the Coalition retains its one seat majority in the House of Reps.

What is worse than a bastard? Maybe it is the devil incarnate and that is what Turnbull is with what he is doing here.

I thought he said yesterday that a PM should leave Parliament if he loses a leadership challenge. Maybe he is again being a lawyer, playing around with words. As he is not going to challenge then he doesn't have to abide by that statement, especially if one of his mates win. It might be a different story if Dutton wins, leaving Dutton with a poisoned chalice.


You beauty....bring it on Peter Dutton, and goodbye Mal.


Just a mere formality! I knew that there was no problem. Malcolm was clutching at straws if he thought that would save him.

JohnG of Woy Woy

unfortunately this opinion is not unchallengeable/subject to further opinion...nor a 100% clearing of PD.


"not incapable" - classic lawyer weasel words. Hardly amounts to being "cleared". Guess a citizen can refer this after the next election and we'll see what the high court thinks.

Jeff of FNQ

Bloody Speers and his leftie cohorts have been carrying on about the S-G's advice and trying to say it's not cut and dried.


Why are you even worrying about rumours? Worry more about the right wing lunatics who have hijacked democracy and shut down Parliament for the first time ever.
At least we can be content knowing that any Dutton-led government will be smashed in the next election.


He has to say something, because that is his job. But, anything that he says has to pass through my 'bullshit filter', i.e. my brain! ;)


Mitch Fifield has shifted his support from Dutton to Morisson. ..just breaking!

Jeff of FNQ

Apparently Sinodinos has arisen from his sick bed and made it to Canberra for the vote.

Steve J

But according to you after the next election Dutton probably wont be there.
Care to explain by what process a citizen can refer an issue under S44(v)?


Pyne shut it down, but don't worry, he probably wont get re-elected.


The limited (and boringly repeated) same old information from the ABC did have one gem that points out that while the advice arrived at a seemingly positive result amongst all the caveats is the note that it is has been arrived at in the absence of all usual information that would be needed to be more definitive.

The SG has not seen the contract that set up all these payments to the child care centre, has no information on what the arrangement conditions are and who was involved etc AND apparently rule changes put in place by the amusement park that is Canberra in July (which perhaps Dutton has used/viewed to get his positive opinion) have not yet been tested - being so new - and so this alone makes any chance to put them to a test makes for an attractive proposition.

Being the bush lawyer that I am we seem to have a situation of someone holding a Smith and Wesson revolver under a towel and pointing it at a group of 6 people. The gun holder then asks another person how many of the 6 he thinks can be shot.

Well if there is indeed a Smith and Wesson under the blanket and it is a 6 shooter and it is fully loaded then yes the holder has the capacity to shoot all six. But until the blanket is removed and the gun chamber is checked to confirm it is actually loaded with 6 bullets then it is all conjecture.

There is a game called Russian roulette that only requires 1 bullet to play. (Which Malcolm has been playing all week but with all chambers loaded lol)

The first order of business for the Laborious party if Dutton becomes pm is to ensure the towel is removed from covering the "gun". Because until the weapon is exposed (through the high court) Being capable is not being able or entitled rather it is just another way the LNP can shoot itself in the foot.

Now if it was an AK47 under the blanket ALL bets would be off. LMFAO.


...the way the ABC has been discounting Bishop as a first round looser odds are that by the end of the day it will be Bishop PM and Morrison Deputy.

Jeff of FNQ

The Whip has seen the petition with 43 signatories, some of whom are apparently Morrison supporters, but they wouldn't hand it over as they fear retribution.

It appears that Turnbull is refusing to call the meeting until he gets the petition.

Time to drag him out of his office.


Jeff Kennett on 3 aw this morning saying Bishop is best qualified to bring the team together with SCMO as deputy!I nearly drove off the road.
What have they over him? he appoints that criminal Gillard to over see Beyond Blue, with management of multimillions in Governemnt grants and with what accountability? He is off his blooming rocker. And listening to the phone in, its either a concentrated campaign by Mal backers, Get Up and co or the populace really are stupid

Jeff of FNQ

Dutton is reportedly now taking the petition to Turnbull.

I hope he decks the bastard.


I wish the true blues had joined Australian Conservatives and spiked Malcolms plans. The Liberals as we knew them are finished and time for a rebirth with people who are true conservatives and not Green Labour stooges.

Jeff of FNQ

The stupid prick probably also believes Hawthorn will win the AFL premiership.


A good whipping needed, for the nation! ;) - "Devo - Whip It (Video)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_QLzthSkfM


As per my 11:17 comment above (beat ya by 6 minutes lol) this is a great Napoleon crowning opportunity. Garner the sympathy of the masses and you have them in the palm of your hand.

Napoleon refused the crown 3 times (from memory) and so from then on whenever there was a mistake on his part some of the population still felt sympathy and gave support to him because after all he did not seek the position rather it was forced on him so show some heart he is doing his best.

Bishop has a positive international profile (bought with all the tax payer overseas aid payments), she's a woman (at least she seems to identify as one) so will mitigate any potential lose of female conservatives AND she has not garnered the position rather she will have had it thrust upon her - therefore ongoing sympathy/give her a chance defence.

And of course there will still be a bit of a Hillary overhang in that "we" can right the wrong done to Hillary by getting back a female leader who will be good this time.

Liz of Vic

Why do you know this?

Liz of Vic

I would believe that, he was one of the movers at the knifing of
Mr Abbott.

He is a traitor if ever there was one.

Liz of Vic

That is a vote we can do without!


OT; heard and Ad for 'Gordons Lawyers' this morning cannot remember all the caring spiel.. Would that Gillard's old firm trying to disguise themselves? Slater & gORDON has a real stink to the name and shares must be well down, so a rebirthing jpb underway it seems.

Liz of Vic

If I were Dutton I would instruct that family-trust to sell the chid-care-centre and buy something else!

Surely it is not worth the worry, because Dreyfus is after him, you can back that in and the High Court is in the hands of the left.

Liz of Vic

Kenneth claims Gillard is his friend, well I wonder what she knows about him, I have completely gone off Kenneth after that.

I am sure we will eventually be told the reason.

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