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Thank you Richard Hawkins MG and Ian Reid MG for your gallantry in Vietnam. Lest We Forget.

Congratulations men on your gallantry and thank you for your service.

‘…on 15th December, 1970, Private Hawkins was the machine gunner of an ambush patrol in the vicinity of the Courtenay Rubber Estate, Phuoc Tuy Province. At 2100 hours the machine-gun group heard the movement of a group of approximately 20 enemy approaching the ambush position. The ambush was initiated when the machine gun group fired claymore mines and Private Hawkins fired a long burst of accurate fire. During the ensuing fire- fight, which lasted 45 minutes, Private Hawkins continued to engage, with short bursts, enemy movement in the contact area. His accuracy of fire caused heavy casualties to the enemy; it was later established that 10 enemy dead lay in an area from 15 metres to 120 metres from Private Hawkins’ position and most of these were attributed to his effective fire. His calm response and reactions under the heavy enemy return fire, which wounded two Australians, were a steadying influence on the remainder of his patrol and reflect great credit on himself, his Regiment and the Australian Army.’

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Here's the report of the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal with extensive reporting of the men's gallantry under heavy fire.

Hawkins Decision by Michael Smith on Scribd