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The ABC and Australian law enforcement agencies will have this man's blood on their hands

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I've seen their ABC commit some low acts in their push to "legitimise" refugees and show that "refugees" come from all walks of life.

Their bullshit about RAN sailors torturing illegal boat people springs to mind, along with countless stories promoting the purported suffering of Manus Island and Nauru detainees.

But this story ranks with the lowest of the low.

I can't unpublish what the ABC has published.  I won't republish any of the details.  I won't publish the link but if you need to read it the story is here.

It involves a former Australian army soldier who fell in with a criminal organisation.

I won't name the organisation because the text is fairly easily searchable - but this photo should give you some idea.

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The man whose photo and details have been published by the ABC must have retained a fair bit of the good that came from being a member of The Australian Army, because he flipped on the outlaw gang and started assisting authorities.

Criminally incompetent plastic cops in Australia stuffed up his protection.  A savage and brutal attempt was made on his life.

He bolted.  In 2013 News Limited ran a reasonably responsible story on the man:

THIS BIKIE insider was once on the inside of the global XXXX outlaw empire.

Now he's living in exile in another country for what he claims is police, political and systemic failure in helping those wishing to do the right thing and educating authorities on the inner workings of the outlaw MC gang network.

He lives every day in the knowledge that if he is discovered by the XXX, a club whose tentacles spread around the world, it will be his last.

For years he has forecast a growing undercurrent in the bikie world and that Australia was woefully unprepared to fight it.

In the past month, bikie violence has erupted across the eastern seaboard, just as he said it would.

In the past three years, numbers have increased nationally by 1000 according to Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay, of the Victorian Police, just as he said it would in 2009.

In exclusive interviews with News Limited around that time, he warned that under the present climate, there would be no winners.

"I think the politicians have totally s--- themselves with this OMG climate, out of their depth, caught off guard and unprepared," he said.

"Then they blame the police for their legislative failure."

It gives him no pleasure to say that he was right. He feels no remorse or vindication.

He called on Australian law enforcement to study how bikies had been handled internationally.

"I think we here should stop being so Goddamn arrogant and learn from other countries."

He also predicted that laws would be tested and fail, bigger gangs would evolve such as the Mongols and politicians and executive police should we warned against using officers in an untried and untested war against OMG's with new laws.

Again, he has stepped forward in this elusive Q&A to give an insight on dealing with outlaw gangs.

In part one of a two-part series, he looks at the inner workings of gangs and how their leadership has badly let down the system, the growth of gangs and his own personal cost.


Some one has given Their ABC a copy of what appears to me to be an unpublished decision of a refugee review authority in "a western country" (which I'll not name).

It was scathing in its findings about Australian authorities:

"Although the state should not be obliged to guarantee perfect protection, there does appear to the panel to be a broader pattern due to corruption, ineptness and structural difficulties that when confronted with motivated and capable [outlaw motorcycle gangs] … that effective protection is not forthcoming, to informants or sources."

You bastards in the ABC have no idea what you've done.

Who'd be an informant or whistle blower in Australia.  You'd want your head read.

Anything happens to this man now and their ABC will have blood on its hands.

I've received emails from two mates in the law enforcement community - one of whom operated in very deep undercover work.  He said:

C*nts.  That's absolute bullshit.  I mean the fact they didn’t protect him. F*ck how are LEA’s (law enforcement agencies) going to have any cred when you’re trying to flip someone and they end up like this?

Another bloke who's worked on high risk operation against terrorists said:

C8nts mate, cannot trust anyone in Australia these days if on an operation

Well done ABC - whose side are you on?