Greens Mehreen Faruqi doing Scott Morrison's ads for him
Are WA Police running a protection racket for Bruce WILSON and GILLARD?

The Liberal Party has picked up some slimeballs along the way

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Michael Photios.

Early this morning I was weighing up whether or not to reprise Paul Sheehan's story.

I'm fortunate to have a great brains trust and I sought advice from a mate I respect.

Mate do you think it's wise to revisit this or will it piss people off  - "Give him a chance, don't dish the dirt etc etc?"

He said

Worth doing. 
That poor bastard was destroyed by Morrison/Photios and their damaging dark arts. 

Here's Paul Sheehan's story on how Scott Morrison came to be an MP.

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News Limited was willing to pay dearly for this story not to be published. It first offered a $110,000 payment, plus a private apology, to avoid going to court. But the price it demanded was that the matter be kept confidential. The company was told to take a jump. See you in court.

The Daily Telegraph had published four stories about Michael Towke which he believed had defamed him, destroyed his political career, and caused untold stress to his family. ''These stories sent my mother to hospital,'' he told me. ''They demonised me. I wanted to confront them in court.''

Michael Towke's preselection for the federal Liberal seat of  Cook in Sydney's Sutherland Shire was scuttled by a smear campaign.

Michael Towke's preselection for the federal Liberal seat of Cook in Sydney's Sutherland Shire was scuttled by a smear campaign.

Photo: Jon Reid

But a court was not where News wanted to see Towke. ''They spent a lot of money fighting me,'' he said. ''Their lawyers made me jump through every hoop. They asked me 30 pages of questions.''

Near the eve of the court date, lawyers for the subsidiary which publishes the Telegraph, Nationwide News Pty Ltd, offered the confidentiality package, which Towke emphatically rejected.On the eve of the trial, Nationwide came up with another offer: $50,000, plus costs, plus removing the offending articles from the internet and dropping the confidentiality requirement. On the advice of counsel, Towke accepted.

He was never willing to accept any settlement that was confidential, despite the risk that entailed. ''I was willing to bankrupt myself to clear my name,'' he said.

Here is his story.

Michael Towke is 34. He attended Marcellin College, Randwick. He is a Lebanese Christian, a practising Catholic and the eldest of eight children. He has a first-class honours degree in engineering and a BA, both from the University of Sydney, and won the Alan Davis Prize, the top prize for sociology.

He has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management. At 17, he joined the Army Reserve and served for 20 months. He is president of the Sylvania conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society and has been volunteering for Vinnies since he was 15. He works as a telecommunications engineer. He has lived in the Sutherland Shire for 10 years.

Towke is also a long-serving member of the Liberal Party. In July 2007 he won preselection for the then safe federal Liberal seat of Cook. He was set to replace the outgoing member, Bruce Baird. The contest attracted a large field, including Paul Fletcher, who recently won Liberal preselection for Bradfield (vacated by the former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson), and a former state director of the NSW Liberal party, Scott Morrison.

Towke won easily. On the first ballot, he polled 10 times as many votes as Morrison, 82 votes to 8, who was eliminated in the first round. His victory meant that a Lebanese Australian would represent the Liberal Party in the seat where the Cronulla riot and revenge raids had taken place 18 months earlier, in December 2005. ''The campaign against me started four days after preselection,'' Towke said.

Two senior people within the Liberal Party, whose identity is known to a widening circle within the party, went through Towke's nomination papers to find every possible discrepancy and weakness. Then they started calling selected journalists to tell them Towke was a liar. The first story appeared in The Daily Telegraph on July 18, 2007, under the headline, ''Liberal ballot scandal in Howard's backyard.'' Three days later, on July 21, a second story appeared in the Telegraph: ''Towke future on hold.'' The next day, in The Sunday Telegraph, a third story: ''Party split as Liberal candidate faces jail.''

''That was the story that sent my mother to hospital,'' Towke told me.

Then came a fourth story in the Telegraph, on July 25: ''Towke lied, but just by degrees.'' Four different Telegraph journalists, two of them very senior, wrote those four stories, so the campaign of leaks and smears was assiduous. There is insufficient space to detail all the claims made and disputed. Towke was portrayed as a serial liar, an exaggerator. He disputed every such imputation with factual evidence. After it was obvious his political credibility had been destroyed by these stories, he started defamation proceedings. A year of legal attrition ensued.

Shortly before the matter was to begin in court this month, Nationwide News paid and settled.

It is telling that experienced Telegraph journalists appear to have based their stories on sources they trusted, suggesting those doing the leaking were both senior figures and seasoned in dealing with the media.

Though Towke would eventually win his legal war, the damage had been done. The adverse media coverage set in train a reaction within the party to get rid of him. A second ballot was ordered, in which the balance of power was shifted away from the grassroots in Cook and to the state executive. The second ballot gave the preselection to Scott Morrison. Amazing. He had been parachuted into the seat over Towke's political carcass. Morrison clearly had backers who wanted him to get the seat. ''These guys were prepared to ruin my life,'' Towke said.

Why? There was a view among some senior Liberals that a Lebanese Australian could not win Cook in a tight election.

Two years later, Towke's honour has been restored. His name has been cleared, his standing in the party rehabilitated, and his ties to the electorate broadened. Justice will be served when the two assassins within the party are politically terminated. That process has begun. The circle will only be complete if this Lebanese Australian represents the shire in Federal Parliament.


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Michelle Two

I just left a comment about these souls building a rod for their own backs, so as lightworkers truth should always be told in order to wake other souls to wake up to the darkforce we work with. .

Dennis Thompson

The Liberal Party was taken over and is no longer, name only.

Tony Abbott is one who does not accept it and he is now hunted by assassins including names I once respected.

Michelle Two

I put links up for Towke ages ago as I tracked down the darkforce and they eventually come into the spotlight when it is time. .divine time to reveal the filth of the world as lies become exposed..

seeker of truth

Michael Towke did an interview with Peter Van Onselen in 2009. Peter tried to get him to talk about the 2007 disendorsement scandal. He said that was in the past, he withdrew his candidacy and supported the new candidate who was Morrison. He is supporting Scott Morrison, the member for Cook, in the lead up to the 2010 election. Peter couldn't get Towke to trash Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party no matter how hard he tried.

seeker of truth

I heard that Michael Photios came down to Canberra to help out Turnbull in his leadership challenge last Friday. Maybe he is the one who brought down very very ill cancer stricken Arthur Sinodinis whose vote was vital for the numbers for Morrison.

He is a true Machiavellian in the NSW Libs.


I'm sure Abbott's sister has every chance in the Wentworth by election. The Party seems to love the Abbott's.


So now we need a, ‘all about’


The Canberra swamp is alive and well. They have just moved the deck chairs around to obfuscate the peasants.

Why else would the ex prime minister have broken so many rules to give Morrison time to muster support with the help of Photios wielding the iron glove.

Nonna from FNQ

That is indeed a disturbing story.

But, where do we begin and end? This probably goes on all over the political spectrum, driven by those (and their hangers-on), who see the job of being a politician purely as a career - well paid and cushy, rather than a driving desire to really care about the people they represent. So it's 'no holds barred' or 'whatever it takes'.

I confess to have no answers or suggestions on how to deal with this mind-set. But, given the current situation in Canberra, it bothers me that with such little time to 'reinvent' themselves and their policies, we will almost certainly be cursed with a Labor/Shorten/CFMEU regime.

Now, there are those conservatives who think that a Shorten Government would teach the Liberals a lesson - 'that'll learn 'em' mindset - and will vote Labor just to prove their point. To them I say - "Go ahead. Vote Labor or however you want to send the Coalition onto the Opposition benches. Sadly, I will have to suffer a government that I don't want and you will get the government you bl^^dy well deserve!"

Certainly, the choices are poor but think carefully before 'cutting your nose off to spite your face'.

I am 73 years old and it saddens me to hear my elderly friends say they just don't care anymore - they'll probably soon be dead and they don't give a sh^t. Sad, because we come from a generation that rose from the ashes of a heinous war and still have personal memories of those who fought and/or died for a better world. Now we fear that was all in vain.
So do I continue to care, lose sleep at night, monitor every political situation or just shrug my shoulders and walk away?



Another article on that subject

Jeff of FNQ

I heard a comment the other night on one of the Sky News evening shows about a Liberal Party dinner, "Photios was there greasing his way around everyone".

The NSW Liberals will be stuffed until they get rid of he and his wife.


This is a troubling thing to read....just how corrupt are these bastards that seek to rule us.

If they can do this to Mr Towke, they can, and would, do it to anyone who got in their way.

Morrison has some questions to answer, and I'll still NEVER vote LNP again, especially after reading this report.

Michelle Two

Morrison is the wing and numbers man of this faction, and is still intent on bringing the sites of Paris to Australia .. looks like he has chosen his mantle to ride off for his short term as an accidental PM.. Tick, tick, tick make your choices wisely as lies become the end of your legacy..and what you hide finds you by your own actions in trying to conceal the truth..
Looks like his faith is just for show, a mask of the politician.. walk your talk.. as lies can never be mistaken for the truth no matter how hard you try to mask them using different words with the same intentions is no measure of a man for energy doesn't lie..

Wayne Shaft

Unelected SMUGGO 👽👽👽 Beholden to PHOTIASS ?? 👺👺👺👺

Wayne Shaft

The Deal was Sealed with a 🤗 Hug ! Judas would be Proud . 👹👹👹👹👹😞😞😞😣😣😣

Wayne Shaft

It's official Folkes SMUGGO Sticks with PARIS ! 👺👺👺👻. UN Liberal Party 🎉 continues .

Wayne Shaft

We DELCONS offer Accidental PM SMMUGO the Position of Special Envoy to UN PARIS / Battery's Mickey Mouse 🐭 Ears included . 😡😡😡👺👺👺

seeker of truth

Michael Photios' original lobbying firm MP Consulting Pty Ltd went into voluntary administration under a cloud in 2016.

No sooner did his lobbying company go bust owing a big debt to the ATO then he started a new lobbying company which was bigger and better. It is Premier State Consulting Pty Ltd. Here is its profile on the lobbyist list of the Dept of PM & Cabinet

The Auditor General in February 2018 published a report on the effectiveness of the Dept of the PM & Cabinet management of the lobbyists.


12. PM&C’s delivery of a low level of compliance activity reflects the original decision of government. The effectiveness of the department’s compliance monitoring approach has been reduced by the lack of strategy around advice to Government representatives of their compliance monitoring responsibilities and PM&C’s reliance on reports of non-compliance to drive compliance activities. Further, the approach adopted to manage compliance has not been informed by an assessment of risks. While each allegation of non-compliance the ANAO identified had been assessed, departmental records of assessments were not well maintained or collated to inform future compliance activity. Given the regime has been in place for close to a decade, it is timely for the department to consider whether the compliance management arrangements for the Code and Register are appropriate.

13. The department has not established effective performance monitoring and reporting arrangements. Listing lobbyists and their clients on the Register for reference by Government representatives and other stakeholders contributes to the achievement of the Code’s objectives. The Register does not, on its own, provide transparency into the integrity of the contact between lobbyists and Government representatives or the matters discussed. Performance monitoring and reporting arrangements should be strengthened to inform internal and external stakeholders about the extent to which policy objectives are being met."

I can find no information as to the interactions between these lobbyists and politicians. I'd like to know who is speaking to whom and about what. It is only fair that we should know who is influencing our politicians' decisions. I think the Auditor General is of the same opinion.

Dennis Thompson

Black Hand black hearts.


Reply to Nonna from FNQ.

I am another Nonna of similar vintage.

I too despair of the country that my adult children and grandchildren will live in.

I have friends who are glad they are old and hope they don’t live much longer to see the trashing of our country.

Our DIggers would turn over in their graves to see the trashing of Australia and the lost of our freedom and values.

Poor fella my country.

God bless.

Wayne Shaft

I don't think 💭 that it's SCOMMO / It's Mini MAL ! 😝😝😝👽👻👻👻

Michelle Two

The Galilee Basin the mining companies need environmental studies and approval so they can get to the resources so what better way to fund reports and research that are in your favour sonthings go ahead..You have to please many bodies when feeding your own greed through investment banking hedge funds and the like.. you also have a wall street agent and general account in order to keep your distance...
So your wealth is in the hands of others so you can control and manipulate an outcome that pleases you..

Liz of Vic


you will always care, that is how we were born and lived all our lives, as you know I am much older than you and I still care, very much so!

Just take another deep breath! and on we go!

Liz of Vic

Please have a look at my reply to Nonna!

Alice buck up!


Continue to care and don't be sad Nonna. I hope these words are helpful and show courage:

Michelle Two

And so it is ... Exposure of what we know.. and there they were sitting in silence as they watched the party disappear .. the job is not complete yet for the takeover and infiltration of wolves in sheeps clothing will forever tear you apart.. Walk away to save Australia from the NWO .. join and start another party or join Cory Bernardi and true conservatives and build up what was torn down ..
Freedom #1.. without freedom we all fall under a dictators thumb..
Conservative Liberal powerbroker Eric Abetz has formally disciplined a staff member who attacked Malcolm Turnbull as a “narcissistic maggot” and Julie Bishop as “Turnbull in skirts”.

In a Facebook post, Senator Abetz’s electorate officer, Michael Moore, describes the former prime minister, ousted on Friday, as a “Labor rat” whose Leftist policies had reduced donations to the party.

“Menzies has been rolling in his grave at the direction Labor rat Turnbull has taken the party,” read the post by Mr Moore.

“ … The Liberals are broke … and the reason for that is because the base who donate all the money have abandoned the party.

Jeff of FNQ

Conservative Liberal powerbroker Eric Abetz has formally disciplined a staff member who attacked Malcolm Turnbull as a “narcissistic maggot” and Julie Bishop as “Turnbull in skirts”.

In a Facebook post, Senator Abetz’s electorate officer, Michael Moore, describes the former prime minister, ousted on Friday, as a “Labor rat” whose Leftist policies had reduced donations to the party.

“Menzies has been rolling in his grave at the direction Labor rat Turnbull has taken the party,” read the post by Mr Moore.

“ … The Liberals are broke … and the reason for that is because the base who donate all the money have abandoned the party.

“I know because I’ve been speaking to them from all over the country over the last few years, along with the million supporters that deserted us.”

Mr Moore’s post says these supporters “almost to a one” indicated they would “never vote/donate for a party led by Turnbull” and that the party had “pissed off” its base, benefiting One Nation and other minor parties.

“Now that the narsasistic (sic) maggot has gone we have a chance to get the base back — so long as (new PM Scott) Morrison is smart,” Mr Moore wrote.

“As for people suggesting (former Foreign Minister Julie) Bishop (as leader) that’s just laughable. She’s not known as Turnbull in skirts for nothing … plus her ability to understand policy detail is nothing short of embarrassing.

“We certainly haven’t forgotten how woeful she was as shadow treasurer. She’s done ok at foreign affairs but who couldn’t? Not that tough flying around the world handing out money.”

Senator Abetz, a Tasmanian right winger who backed Peter Dutton’s tilt for the leadership, told The Australian he disagreed with the “characterisations” in Mr Moore’s post.

“On learning of the private social media post, I asked that it be immediately removed and the staff member was provided an official warning,” Senator Abetz said.

“This is the first mistake that this valued staff member has made in more than 5 years in my office and I am confident that it won’t happen again.”

Fallout from the leadership ructions continue in Tasmania, with Turnbull-backer Senator Richard Colbeck — now an assistant minister — not guaranteed a winnable spot on the Senate ticket, despite being the only incumbent running.

In 2016, Senator Colbeck was relegated to a virtually unwinnable spot on the Liberal Senate ticket; a relegation some in the party believe was linked to his having challenged Senator Abetz for the top spot.

Senator Colbeck lost this seat and only returned on a recount after Senator Stephen Parry was disqualified for having a dual citizenship.

On the weekend, Liberal speaker of Tasmania’s House of Assembly, Sue Hickey, accused Senator Abetz and fellow Tasmanian Liberal senators Jonathon Duniam and David Bushby of being part of a “vicious, vindictive and vengeful. sabotage” of Mr Turnbull’s leadership.

Senator Abetz has insisted his actions in the lead up to the leadership change were driven by policy considerations and not personalities.

Michelle Two

Here is the link if I forgot it with my last comment .. Julie Bishop a Narcissist who would of thought all those selfies and finery should be a clue to one's ego and what is important in life.. Besides that those within the party are most likely to be of the same energy as the little group or factions cut out those who are a threat to their ego's..
Conservative Liberal powerbroker Eric Abetz has formally disciplined a staff member who attacked Malcolm Turnbull as a “narcissistic maggot” and Julie Bishop as “Turnbull in skirts”.

In a Facebook post, Senator Abetz’s electorate officer, Michael Moore, describes the former prime minister, ousted on Friday, as a “Labor rat” whose Leftist policies had reduced donations to the party.

“Menzies has been rolling in his grave at the direction Labor rat Turnbull has taken the party,” read the post by Mr Moore.

“ … The Liberals are broke … and the reason for that is because the base who donate all the money have abandoned the party.


I guess some will always have their price?

Michelle Two

If the conservatives walked and became independents would this stop this Photios faction in its track or would they just fill the party with more of the left faction and have full power??
Politics is like a game of chess where you have to play the numbers game and add your token conservatives or opposite faction within your party..

It is no different then the labor party they both actually have the same corporate and multinational companies sponsoring their political campaigns that is how they raise millions and the hide of them putting more money in the parties pockets by how many votes they win at the election so they charge us to put in the politicians that work against us.. as they are advocates for the NWO..


My question has always been when it comes to politicians - can the public view your Bank account?

Geoffrey of Perth

It is really sad to see a candidate who seemed eminently qualified, in all ways, to be an MP knifed by the long knives within the Party. The Labor Party used to talk about the faceless men. The LNP has exactly the same system and people who do not deserve to represent us ofter do and Morrison is a good case.


We could begin in draining the swamp by limiting the terms of our political elite to two terms in office - imagine how that would go down in our hallowed halls of parliament!

But, as history has now proven, such a remedy for long term cronyism is long overdue.


It's the old boys network mate, therefore you and I are not part of it. Isn't the first rule of any revolution to kill all the lawyers first? Just saying!

Michelle Two

Alex Hawke is a part of that faction that is now in a Sco Mo position this game of chess isn't over yet as the intention was to clean up and wipe out the conservatives right out of Parliament not just the political parties.. I mentioned that when the section 44 crap came up it was aimed at removing any conservative voices that are against the NWO totalitarian terms and policies..
Scott Morrison’s ascent to the prime ministership means the stars of NSW left powerbroker Michael Photios and centre-right powerbroker and, now, Special Minister of State Alex Hawke have risen, with more damaging preselection contests expected against the right faction.

But the good news in terms of the NSW Liberal Party and its capacity to disintegrate is that a crazy earlier consideration of rolling Tony Abbott in Warringah has been shelved.

While Mr Photios is expected to successfully back Kent Johns to beat Hughes MP Craig Kelly in a messy preselection bout in that seat, Mr Abbott is understood to have been the only nomination for the seat of Warringah and the process has closed.


What you describe used to be termed as 'middle men'- those who stood between the investor, the employed and the company. Other terms, such as 'speculators' have come to mean much the same thing, but it has been our governments, both state and federal, that have taken such a term to a whole new meaning that is impoverishing all of us who are foolish enough to elect them into office.


You've put it out there Michelle, and in plain speak, so I hope those who read your words heed your meaning!

Michelle Two

This is Michael Photios ..
Photios joined the New South Wales Division of the Liberal Party in November 1975 holding many party executive roles including New South Wales Young Liberal Vice President from 1980–81 and then President from 1982–84. He held and holds various positions within the Liberal Party, he has held the positions of NSW Vice President and Urban Representative on the Liberal Party State Executive, and is a leader of the Moderate faction of the party known as "The Group".[1]

Photios was Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs and Minister Assisting the Minister for Justice from 26 May 1993 to 4 Apr 1995 in the Government of John Fahey.[1]

In 1999, Ermington was abolished, and Photios opted to transfer to a recreated Ryde. Although Ryde was a marginally Liberal seat on paper, Phtois lost to the former Labor member for Gladesville, John Watkins, amid Labor's convincing victory that year.

On 21 October 2009, the Daily Telegraph published a story alleging that Photios was dating a younger woman, Kristina Iantchev (now Kristina Photios). At the time, Photios, 50, responded to the accusations reportedly that "There is too much mediocrity and boredom in politics...we should all get a life...If I've been known to go to a party or two, I'm happy to go to another. My advice would be for everyone to try it".[2]

The Sydney Morning Herald, in a feature on Liberal Leader Barry O'Farrell (dated 19 February 2011), described Photios as a key member of both O'Farrell's kitchen cabinet and inner circle going into Government.[3]


Candor can be a wonderful thing when used in the right situation - but unfortunately, Western politics seems to reject such honesty, which only makes fools of us all.

Michelle Two

The 1980/90's must of been a ripe old time where the corporate world build up relations with the governments of the day...

SYDNEY: NSW Liberal MP Phillip Smiles had provided information on government legislation, regulations and zoning matters to a company which paid him $4000 a month, a Sydney court heard yesterday.
Developer Peter MacCormick told St James Local Court he had paid Mr Smiles the "$4000-a month" retainer and received information about legislation which had passed Parliament relating to his business, Napier Developments. "He acted on behalf of me and my various companies to keep us informed about the various matters that were before Parliament," Mr MacCormick told the court. Mr MacCormick said Mr Smiles's company, Smiles Management Services, had acted for his company from 1986 to 1988. Mr Smiles entered state Parliament in 1984.

But Mr MacCormick said Mr Smiles had not given him information about draft legislation or regulations before they were gazetted.
Mr Smiles faces four tax charges including allegations that he kept accounts incorrectly, knowingly made a false statement to a tax officer and encouraged the commission of an offence. "We basically wanted to be kept up to date with any new legislation or zoning matters in regard to the Government," Mr MacCormick said.
Counsel for the Department of Public Prosecutions, Peter Hidden, QC, asked Mr MacCormick whether he had paid Mr Smiles for "infor
mation about legislation, regula tions and the like ... which he obtained through his capacity as a parliamentarian, is that correct?" Mr MacCormick answered "yes".
He also said Mr Smiles had given him assistance in relation to the NRMA Careflight charity, of which Mr MacCormick was chairman.

"He basically helped us make submissions to the Government and he kept us informed in regard to various matters with the Health Department and so forth," Mr MacCormick said.
Napier Developments was a northern Sydney development company concerned with residential and commercial properties in suburban Mosman, Cremorne and Neutral Bay on the north shore.

NSW Health Minister Ron Phillips and Ethnic Affairs Minister Michael Photios also appeared in the court yesterday. Environment Minister Chris Hartcher appeared on Monday to give a character reference for Mr Smiles. Mr Photios described on Monday Mr Smiles as a very honest and forthright person.

Wayne Shaft

Poor Jules now regrets Quitting in anger 😝🤣🤣🤣now stuck on the Backbench without the Taxpayers Chequebook ! Has to watch that Slob Payne Swan around the World 🌎 Priceless ! 🤣🤣😝🤣😝🤣👻🤣💦💦💦

Nonna from FNQ

Hello Liz, Princess Yelta and Alice,

Perhaps I am just burned out with frustration! So many things are wrong with our society and community - things that forty/fifty years ago, some of us predicted would happen when we began to sign ourselves away to UN human rights sovereignty.

Today, we are being governed and preached to by individuals who have been socially engineered by this 'regime'. They come from all sides of the spectrum - clones, cardboard cut-outs.

Yes, there are plenty of commentators who talk about the diminishing of freedoms and they all espouse that this has happened over the last four/five decades as if it is some great mystery, when it's not. I wish they'd do their homework!

Soon, there will be none of us left who remember what true democracy and freedoms (Westminster style) were like.

But yes, I guess I will 'keep calm and carry on' into the future - whoops, sorry, very non-PC. I meant 'as we move forward'. :)

Right now, I just want to 'kick heads'!

Michelle Two

Here is the PremierState Consultancy firm it is tied up with PremierNational as well .. The Chairman is Michael Photios..

David Begg does reputation management in other words he connects with the media agencies to cut out any negative feedback, he sounds like a third party to help with propaganda in the social media scene..
Former NSW Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs and Minister Assisting the Justice Minister
Former NSW Shadow Minister for Transport and Tourism
Served at the NSW Liberal Party State Executive for nearly three decades
Former State Vice President of the NSW Liberal Party
Founded PremierState in 2011
Founded PremierNational in 2017
Michael Photios brings a wealth of experience in politics and business to his role of Chairman at PremierState and PremierNational.

First elected to the NSW Parliament in 1988, Michael Photios went on to serve in the NSW Parliament for over a decade. As Minister for Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs and Minister Assisting the Justice Minister, Michael was the then youngest ever Cabinet Minister in Australia.

In opposition, Michael served in a senior Cabinet portfolio. As Shadow Minister for Transport, he played a key role in advising and scrutinising rail reform across NSW, and keenly promoted the role of PPPs in service delivery as one of the first advocates of an integrated transport management system in NSW, Michael was instrumental in ensuring its inclusion into the Coalition’s policy platform and current reform agenda.

As Shadow Minister for Tourism, Michael was arguably the most vocal partner for the NSW tourism industry. Amongst other achievements, he was mastermind of the successful sleep-out in Parliament, protesting against a proposed NSW bed tax.

After retiring from Parliament in 1999, Michael established his own government advisory firm. In this capacity, he worked for more than a decade with a range of major private sector corporations and public sector agencies. Michael is a member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Leader's Council.

Michael founded PremierState in 2011 with David Begg and Nick Campbell and went on to found its sister company, PremierNational in 2017.
Nine months after launching, Daylight Agency has opened a government relations division to its agency appointing David Begg to lead the new offering.

Throughout his career, Begg has been a partner at a legal firm and also run his own government relations and advocacy consultancy.

“I am looking forward to working closely with our clients to analyse issues and develop action plans that are workable within both the political and commercial arenas,” Begg said in a statement.

The Daylight Agency launched in August last year when PR agency Icon International Communications and advertising consultancy chris+geoff merged to form the new firm.

Chris Gray, managing director of Daylight Agency, added: “We are extremely pleased David has chosen to join us at a time when we are undergoing significant growth.

“Along with his commercial acumen, David brings an extensive political network and a deep understanding of government relations and strategy.”

Daylight Agency has offerings including advertising, digital, social, PR and reputation management.

Michelle Two

Another on David Begg he is involved with the Rugby..
Morrison loves the Sharks..
Meet David Begg, a Partner at PremierState, a corporate advisory and government relations firm specialising in building relationships between businesses and the NSW Government. He is also Chairman and Founder of Informatus Litigation Communication, a leading communications advisory firm specialising in dispute resolution and issues management. David is currently the President of Sydney Rugby Union, after retiring as President of the Manly Rugby Club in 2016.

David is a lawyer by qualification, a Rugby Union and Rugby Sports Administrator by passion, a devoted family man and a both a proud and concerned Australian who only seeks the best for our Country. Sam Leon introduces the first in a series of “Straight Talks” by David.

Michelle Two

This is Nick Campbell his other partner in the firms PremierNation and PremierState..
He worked under Howard so it is one close knit faction you can see why they brought in Peter Costello as well to advise Josh it all seems to be one cosy looking set up..
Nick Campbell – Chairman

With more than 25 years of Corporate Public Affairs & Strategy experience, Nick Campbell is one of Australia’s leading corporate advisors.

His experience spans Corporate Affairs, Strategy, Government Relations, Campaigns, Market Access and Business Development. He has worked across North America, Asia Pacific and Europe on corporate projects for a range of leading multinational companies.

He served in the Howard Government in a number of roles including as a political advisor to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet.

Nick has extensive experience in sectors including healthcare, FMCG, agriculture, higher education and energy.

With his experience with companies and industry associations, Nick works with clients advising on stakeholder campaigns, capability development and corporate strategy.

Claire Voijent

Only one to cross the floor would cripple this government. Any of the conservatives or Nats could do this and most would be returned at an election. Morrison might not. The control over this government has always been there.It only takes one. Conservatives should leave as a group and run for A.C. or One Nation. Many in the Coalition are already dead ducks - donations are drying up and campaigning will be impossible without grassroots members who've found more suitable pastures. The Coalition's killing the Nats.The parasites in the Coalition especially in the NSW Libs have just about killed off their host. Mad as.
Nice to see Peter King back in the running for Wentworth though. Love to see him increase the margin. Let's see if the Zionist cabal have achieved total control of the Lib Party. We'll know if a Jewish Zionist gets the preselection. Who's behind the party 'powerbrokers'?

Wayne Shaft

Note Their ABC now Desperatly trying to stop ✋ Peter Dutton becoming opposition leader next year when Bill Shorten takes over as PM . / even the left Fake News Media can see DUTTON as the Answer . 👺👺👺👽👽👽

Wayne Shane

Poor Tony now Smuggos Aboriginal Messenger Boy ! 😐😐😐and BARNEY Raindance Commisioner for the Bush . 👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾👩🏿‍🌾


Wasn't Photias the adviser to"Malcolm the Magnificent?"If so,then we are screwed.Turdbull is still in charge of his Liberal(sic)party and fu***the rest of us.


The party will love her(it?)It's a"Feminazi"AND queer to boot....


Nonna,Inspirational video of Reagan's fight speech. Appeasement doesn't work.This should be played every morning in all schools in the free world


As someone once said"All Hat and No Cattle."

Grey Coat

2 Mon,

As you say ,We need a, "All about"

Yes its early days.... but.. already it is not a good look.
visa-viz The Military & Foreign Affairs,..... assent ions ?

A little History may be needed here, Yes a lot of people have been led to believe "He stopped the Boats", well.. in part, but it was actually
Ex PM Tony Abbott who put most of this together & used The Military for assistance to carry it out , Morrison's job was to deliver smooth speeches on a very well-oiled policy & was (it seems)for him to take the credit.

*(By the way, The Boats stopped, but sadly the frenetic pace of "Immigration" just lurched on & on regardless)

Other interesting aspects are (According to *Professor David Flint on talk-back Radio with Michael McLaren Overnight)29/08/2018: are his previous connections with The Housing Industry, (if I, (allegedly) understand it properly).
& (in reality a rather lack-lustre record) with much else & added to His Time as Treasurer & The Steaming (now) Giant Debt pile being boosted even further than Labor.

He even had a go at Pensioners & The Oldies !

Early days Yes, ! but has anyone noticed the lack of interest in The "Immigration Flood" & possibly along with much else The NEG
ie: (The National Energy Guarantee) & "Paris".. Ex Malcontents barrow.

Do the Suits change & "Malcontent" goes, but things like this & "Globalism" "Immigration" "Privatisation" of even Monopoly "Outfits" & NEG seem to be still the Go,.. & just seem to just rattle on regardless ?

Please Note,
*Professor David Flint is not your usual Red Professor at Uni, but a very sharp minded decent & sensible Conservative.

(& is well worth listening to.)

Ol, Ted

2 jamesofcoffs,

Yep & ........ all rather fishy!

& for God's Sake, "The Sheeple" are not to be startled !


The name Husic. wife of the ALP Husic

"The Global Serf"

2 Liz,
Thank you for your very kind thoughts I, am old also..,but I, will never give up until the bitter end !

Better to go out with some fight in your face, than live like a slave

The Majority Disgusting, Cowardly Incompetent & Incredibly
short-term selfish party "Politicians"" sicken me to the very core !

A lot of them are beneath contempt !

seeker of truth

That staffer got things off his chest. His frustrations with Turnbull were obvious. I'd cop a warning from the boss (who agrees with him but just can't say it) to get these truths aired. Abetz doesn't cop the flak from Liberal supporters, it is the office staff who take the calls or read the emails. I'm glad that this got airing; he's saying what many of us think.



All of us - and you too - can pass into eternity seeing the face of Stalin. Everything that Pravda wrote about him being "the greatest genius of all times and places" was perfectly correct. He comprehensively either outsmarted or murdered everyone in the West who might have made a difference. He installed his agents as Presidents and Prime-ministers. Stalin's is the face of Orwell's nightmare; of a steel-capped boot kicking in the faces of innocent victims forever. Stalin is North Korea's ruler. He is the deep state that works incessantly to destroy the remnant of our ancient Anglo-Saxon liberties. He is hatred of the human race. He won and there is F-all that we can now do about it. Think of the 9-year old boys issued rifles to fight the Red Army in 1945 Berlin, in a last ditch stand before the Russian regiments formed queues to rape their mothers and their sisters. Perhaps some of them, were they mature enough to think, also thought that the cause is not lost as long they went on fighting. Well, the cause WAS lost, and their fight had nothing but aesthetic value - that of doomed young heroes, faithful in their duty even to death. What can one say of Michael Smith? The same: "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre: c'est la folie."

Liz of Vic

Nonna, I do understand you, I also know how it feels, sometimes one
just has to scream, that helps.

Just take it day by day for a little while, we must sort out what 'this new lot have in mind, I personally am not the least bit happy about it, but as long as Michael is still fighting for the honesty within prime ministers, that should make a hell of a difference to the whole country.

At least that is my hope, so just stick with it a little longer!

Claire Voijent

Yes, Peter is most impressive. The conservatives must use their power wisely and be wary of the nefarious agents around them.
The slime - more like The Thing.


Didn't Photios lose his seat of Mosman due to something bodgy to do with taxes ?


;) "Don't Touch My Hat" - Lyle Lovett -

Politicians and lobbyists on the road to perdition? ...or, is that just "The Road To Ensenada" - Lyle Lovett -

P.S. No friends in politics!

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