Vic Lib MP Julia Banks announces resignation - blames bullying by Labor and her own party
Queensland Government puts $100K into pet dog weight loss business

The Project had Yassmin on to tell us lack of diversity & old white guys caused the Liberals dramas

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It's quite an insightful actual quote.   Magied says "If anyone ever comes at me and says women can't do something or people-of-colour can't do something I'll be like, is this the best you white men have?"

I don't think I've ever heard someone in public life say women or people-of-colour can't "do' politics.  It's just a made up glib line that suits her act and gets gobbled up by shows like The Project.

I put this up through gritted teeth  - in the end I think it's important to understand what plays out on mainstream media.

Doesn't say much for the quality of the (giggle, giggle, giggle) political debate they dish up.

Peter Van Onselen must be very proud.

Ms Abdel-Magied warned us last week.........

Australia, I’m comin’ for ya. Whassgood? #InsertLibSpillJokeHere... 😭 . . . Forreal tho, my parents migrated from Sudan to get away from the whole shady government business. This week has been a trip. . . . Do y’all remember where you were when the first spill happened, Gillard & Rudd? I was a uni student, hanging in a cafe w @lauragartry and we thought it was the wildest thing. Little did we know, it was only the beginning...