White House press secretary gives a 'mouthful' to the media
Julie Bishop - token women in Cabinet are "brilliant - doesn't matter what they say"

The Scott Morrison we want to see more of. Speech to Nauru detainees.


Yesterday at 11:19 AM A refugee on Nauru recounted to me the night ABF 'asked' everyone in the camp to go to see a video in the common area. ''There was a big, white screen set up. Everyone sat down expectantly. We thought we were going to see a movie. Instead, Scott Morrison came onto the screen. He said, 'You will NEVER be settled in Australia. The Australian government will NEVER change its mind. You will NEVER call Australia home. Think of your families. Don't waste your lives here. Go back to your countries.'

Everyone began wailing, and some people hit themselves, screamed and cried. That night, a hundred people tried to kill themselves.''