7 Liberal MPs save Turnbull from being dumped as PM
Remember Australia - change your Prime Minister, change your smoke alarm batteries!

Turnbull is one SUV away from losing his job

One 7-seater SUV.

Get on the phones Dutto.

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Some analysis from reader Alan RM Jones on his Facebook site

Alan RM Jones Perspective: Julia Gillard won her first challenge from Kevin Rudd 71–31 (69.6%) – was defeated in the second.

Bob Hawke won his first ballot 66-44 (60.0%) – was defeated in the second.

Malcolm Fraser won his challenge from Andrew Peacock 54-27 (66.7%) – lost the election the following year.

And Abbott won first challenge 69 per cent ("empty chair" is a myth; everyone knew for whom they were voting).

MT is nowhere close and failing badly. The sooner this is wrapped up the better for the party and the country.