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CCTV of the UK's 4 Muslim "brothers" and their 5.30AM high speed car crash

UK - 10,000 Muslim men attend funerals of 4 hoodlums killed when their BMW crashed after police chase

About 5.30AM last Thursday West Yorkshire Police saw a BMW sedan travelling at excessive speed.  The police briefly gave chase.  

That sounds like good police work to me.  5.30AM.  Excessive speed.  Four young bucks on board.  

The chase was quickly discontinued due to the dangerous speeds of the target vehicle.

About one minute later the BMW speared into a tree.  

Four Muslim males were on board - Zeeshan Khalid, Tayyab Siddique, Arbaaz Hussain and Murtza Chaudhry.  They were pronounced dead at the scene of their crash.

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A few hours ago funerals were held for the 4 men, each of whom is implicated in serious offences.

More than 10,000 mourners turned out to see their boys off.  They weren't treated as crooks - they were brothers!

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This is England.  The United Kingdom.  Great Britain.

0_Four-dead-in-RTA-in-Bradford (2)
0_Four-dead-in-RTA-in-Bradford (2)
0_Four-dead-in-RTA-in-Bradford (2)


There's extensive coverage of the send-off at the UK's Muslim Janaza (Janaza refers to the Arabic prayers Muslims recite at funerals) website here.

All four men who died when their car collided with a tree on Toller Lane, Bradford following a police pursuit have now been formally identified.

Murtza Chaudhry, aged 21, Arbaaz Hussain also aged 21, Zeeshan Khalid, aged 20 and Tayyab Siddique, aged 22 all died in the incident which happened at around 5.30am on 2 August. All the men were from the local Bradford area. The post mortems have now been held.

We understand at this time that the grey BMW 1 Series car in which they were travelling was pursued for a short time, by an unmarked West Yorkshire Police car, due to excessive speed before the crash. All four men died at the scene. Their families have been informed and family liaison staff from the IOPC are supporting the families involved.

We are aware that there is some concern that the police vehicle made contact with the BMW prior to the crash. Having reviewed some of the evidence already, we can confirm there is no indication of this. We can also confirm that time between the police car first having sight of the BMW and the collision with the tree is approximately one minute according to the evidence we have analysed so far.

Our investigation will focus on the circumstances of the pursuit and the actions of the officers involved, who are all being treated as witnesses.

Anyone who witnessed, or recorded, the incident is asked to contact us on 0800 096 9079 or email

IOPC Regional Director Miranda Biddle: “We have support in place for the families of those who have died. We have met with them to discuss our investigation and we will continue to update them about our work. My thoughts are with them, and all those affected by this incident including all emergency services involved.

“Our investigators attended the post mortems for the men who died. Both of the vehicles involved were removed from the scene and secured; a process overseen by our investigators. Both are now being forensically tested. This is a fast-moving investigation, and we have already conducted house to house enquiries and collated independent evidence including footage from the police car and local CCTV.

“Footage of the incident, and the aftermath, from what appears to private CCTV has been shared in the media and on social media. I would ask that this be removed to avoid any further distress to the men’s families and those involved and instead is shared with our investigators, using the witness appeal phone line or email, so it can be examined as part of our investigation.

“I would like to ask for the privacy of the families to be respected at this most difficult time.”