Are WA Police running a protection racket for Bruce WILSON and GILLARD?
The Project had Yassmin on to tell us lack of diversity & old white guys caused the Liberals dramas

Vic Lib MP Julia Banks announces resignation - blames bullying by Labor and her own party

Ms Banks was the only federal Liberal to win a seat from Labor at Turnbull's 2016 union corruption-busting double dissolution election.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 7.37.34 am

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 7.37.34 am

It's a key marginal seat - wikipedia tells us:

The Division of Chisholm is an Australian Electoral Division in Victoria. The division was created in 1949 and is named for Caroline Chisholm, a social worker and promoter of women's immigration. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and includes the suburbs of Ashwood, Blackburn South, Box Hill, Burwood, Chadstone, Huntingdale, Mont Albert, Mount Waverley, and parts of Clayton, Forest Hill, Oakleigh and Surrey Hills.

On its original boundaries, it was a comfortably safe Liberal seat centered on Camberwell. However, successive redistributions from 1980 onward have moved the electorate south-east, taking in strongly Labor-voting suburbs to balance out the relatively affluent Liberal-leaning suburbs in the north of the seat, and making the seat marginal. The first member for Chisholm, Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes, was one of Australia's most distinguished soldiers and a former Olympian, who held the seat until his death on 31 July 1970.

Labor finally took the seat in the 1983 landslide that brought Bob Hawke to power, only to lose it in 1987. Anna Burkebecame the second Labor member ever to win it in 1998 election and held it until her retirement in 2016. Julia Bankswon the seat for the Liberals at the 2016 election, becoming the only Liberal challenger to take a seat off Labor at that election.


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Michelle Two

Looks like an ALP/Union movement done by the Lib factions to put one of their own into place..So a left faction player wants a place to make sure Sco Mo keeps on track..

Michelle Two

Was she in the list to get rid of Turnbull?
Payback for betrayal. .petty politics and the left NWO feeling the power..

Michelle Two

Abbott has accepted his out of mind, out of sight. Humiliation duties while they complete the policies Turnbull started.. because no one seen the actual policies they haven't changed only the face on the screen has..


Well, some people are blinded to what Turnbull wanted them to believe.
Think Bishop is waiting in the wings for big this NGOs to come her way.
Prefer it to be the UN and definitely not the GG job, that would be scary.

little t

A few truck loads of organic fertilizer in that statement, if that is what she thinks she's not needed.

The Inside Line

If she and her constituents wanted Turnbull to stay along with Bishop, then don't let the door hit you on the way out because the only people that truly wanted that were Labor and Turnbull.


Great, close the door on your way out commie. Goodbye and good riddance.

If the rest of the (l)iberal female brigade would follow suit the tug of The Cathedral on the party would be greatly reduced. Let's hope they can come up with a conservative as a replacement.


Me thinks she is another who should have joined the Liebor party!
Good riddance!

Jeff of FNQ

Turnbull and Bishop supporter.


She can always stand for preselection in the Labor Party.
After all there was not that much difference between MT left leaning policy and that of the laborites

Michelle Two

Thanks I just read that on the computer but she is being pressured to stand down none the less by her own team so those on the left doen't matter which party any longer, so not a part of the inner circle and like the ALP they need pollies to resign in order to put the inner circle contenders in place..
Someone must be owed big time in the winning faction..

Antoine D'Arche

So... she was in a coma from 2009 through to, and especially 2015?
I'm perfectly happy to say Malcolm just got rolled. And thank god he did. Cause he rolled Tony Abbott in 2015 and we've been in a mess ever since.
Talk about picking a side and ignoring everything else.
This woman is FOS


Can someone please explain why women think they have more rights than men. It is getting sickening the way some of them carry on. I am a woman and have never thought of myself better than a man. This is sour grapes to my way of thinking, I just get so angry with the way a LOT of women are carrying on. There will be an uprising one of these days by men and so they should. We are ALL equal.
Probably sour grapes on her part, whats the bet Turnbull didn't tell her she was in line for a position on the front bench.

Michelle Two

Politics of envy a game the NWO plays in its power play to create victims..
But if you observe closely it has its trace source back to a similar outlook of the west and a need to divide the genders into separate camps..So over powering and control can be taken by the Elites select group or army if you prefer.. Peacekeepers pull the other one.. iykwim..

Michelle Two

The old souls of the earth have won that battle so will resist being pulled back to the dark these souls in envy and ego..


Oh dear. I wonder if any of those Peter Dutton supporters who changed their minds are regretting their decision.

Wayne Shaft

Ha ha Ha ! Another Lefty Bites the Dust ! 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 Boo Hoo ! 🤧🤧🤧

Michelle Two

Julie Banks must have been a product of the Liberal party quota experiment and her services are no longer needed by those angry white males in her own!!


In the old days she would have been called a wimp, but I guess you can't say that anymore, especially to a woman.


When anyone mentions "gender equality" I just roll my eyes, I don't even know what that means, seeing that men and women will never be equal, it is simply impossible. She also complains about bullying of women in politics, I am sure there are plenty of men in politics who are bullied as well, and even by women, this whole victimhood thing is wearing a bit thin.

seeker of truth

It takes a degree of mental toughness to stick it out in politics. Obviously Julia Banks might be lacking in that department, especially now that it is the time she should be starting to campaign for her own re-election in a marginal seat. Maybe she saw it as a hopeless task and not worth her efforts so has taken the easy option of not standing at the next election based on a flimsy excuse. Why doesn't she just admit that she doesn't want to be there anymore. Winters in Canberra are hell.

Wayne Shaft

Poor Tony / an errand boy sent by Grocery Clerks to collect a Bill 😞 I was a Milk 🍼 Monitor in Primary School / its was a Good perk , then it turned Sour . 😖😖😖😩😣😖😖

Michelle Two

Don't you just love the innocence act... you have a group of narcissist (socialists that play dirty and full of ego) and the new PM comes on and acts like he knows nothing of what goes on while they were trying to gather numbers to vote him in.. or Julie Bishop..

Sure sounds like another authoritarian figure to me..
Scott Morrison has “laid down the law” to his new ministry after Victorian Liberal MP Julia Banks announced she would not contest the next election following last week’s leadership turmoil and allegations of bullying and intimidation.

Ms Banks, a supporter of Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop in the recent leadership spills, was the only Liberal candidate to clinch a seat off Labor at the 2016 election and holds her electorate of Chisholm on a margin of 3.4 per cent.

The Prime Minister said he would look “closely” at issues raised by Ms Banks, including claims of bullying and intimidation, and had been talking “very directly” with his colleagues.

“I have laid down the law to my cabinet. I have laid down the law to my ministry and to the parliamentary secretary ranks of my government. They know what I expect and I have every confidence they will live up to what I expect,” Mr Morrison said.

Disappointed Delcon

Adios Julie. One fake MP replaced another harpie MP( Madam Speaker ). I should have stuck to my old electorate of Wills. At least we knew what to expect of Hawkie. When the news of Banks "retiring" came out I shot off a constituent email saying that most of her electorate would have supported Peter Dutton, not Mr Harbourside Mansion and cheque-book Bishop. All I can say is that it is not a pleasant experience to come across Madam Speaker or Ms Banks in the Box Hill mall.

Michelle Two

"Strong women don't play victim, don't make themselves look pitiful and don't point fingers. They stand and they deal." - Mandy Hale..

Real women as well as strong , they will fight and protect men and their children as well on the spiritual and emotional front if they are not being a victim of course.. If you want to create yourself as a victim it just means you are playing in fear energy and having self doubts about your own capabilities to achieve anything on your own..
If you look at her words she is playing the UN ideology to a T.. so not only are they advocates for this ideology they actually create this reality for themselves by getting into the political system not on merit but because of appointments of quota's or diversity or other crap where perception is everything to fit in with the crowd..
You can sure tell the UN advocates by the brainwashed ideology they believe in and espouse as their own reasoning for not being treated fairly..

Wayne Shaft

As the polls go to hell in a Handbasket more and more of the Liberal Rats 🐁🐀🐁🐁🐀🐀🐿🐿🐿wait that's a Squirrel / will Jump Ship 🚢


Bishop is sticking around to leak to Malcolm.

The smug expression on her face when she fronted up to the media to announce that she will continue as a backbencher means that she will be Malcolm Turnbull complete with lipstick & high heels & creating havoc within the Liberals in Canberra!

She may do a Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd - flying around the world, at taxpayers expense, on some dodgy UN global tentacle. Gillard is the 'global education' guru while Rudd is the expert on China!




Julia Banks is of Greek origin. Victoria has the 2nd highest number of Greeks after Greece.

Banks is bailing out because she knows she will lose the next election. She may join Liberal powerbroker Kroger in victoria. NSW Liberal Party has faceless powerbroker Photios, who may have something to do with Julia Banks' complaint about bullying.

Wayne Shaft

Can you turn on their ABC for any length of time without hearing about / gender equality / they stir the Marxist pot every half hour on the hour . 👺👺👺

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