What would these blokes make of it?
Moving tribute from Bill Shorten to his colleague and booster Malcolm Turnbull

What just happened? This.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 10.47.55 am

Why did they have the spill?

Turnbull's lefty direction was tearing them apart.

With two contenders, who did they elect?

The one closest to Turnbull.

They won't unite to fight Shorten.

They'll continue to fight each other.

Only one winner today.


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 *Thanks to reader IAN for the Turnbull with an Abacus idea.


If Morrison hints at "steady as she goes, get united, bickering is behind us" bullshit they are finished.

He has to disown Turnbull - and mean it.  He needs to take immediate, tangible action.

If he comes out with a stark and bold differentiation he might have a chance.

He should immediately and urgently:

  • Put Tony Abbott in the Cabinet 
  • Make Abbott responsible for attacking Shorten
  • Dump Paris.
  • Dump renewables subsidies.
  • Prioritise price over emissions for power
  • Scrap the NEG.
  • Cut immigration.
  • Slash bureaucracies in Climate, Innovation etc.
  • Review the Great Barrier Reef grant.
  • Slash foreign development aid.