What will Turnbull be remembered for?
Solicitor General advice not terribly negative for Peter Dutton!


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Sending tens of millions to Palestine while Palestine sends even more to ISIS.


Who? Eminently forgettable.


All of the above, plus parties and handbags ?


You are right Michael...putting aside my dislike for the woman, I cannot think of anything she has done that has made life for the average Aussie any better... helping fund attack helicopters for our northern neighbours does not really benefit Australia.


Don't forget OUR money which she threw to Hillary Clinton - will never vote for her until she gets our money back.


Maybe she'll be PM? wouldn't all of you just hate that! Imagine a woman as leader of the Libs and PM!!
Of course she'll be slaughtered come election time (assuming News Ltd lets her get that far as leader).

warren raymond

G-Lard II.


This fool is a total lightweight & airhead . Well past it's use-by date .


Knifing TA is the only thing I will remember the stick insect cocktail girl for


I’ll remember JB for this:

I had forgotten about Slater & Gordon & JB's involvement in this:


God forbid if she becomes PM, she will be even worse than Malcolm and will drive even more people away from the conservatives, sorry but I can't stand the woman, all she does is give away our money, and spends quite a bit of it on herself as well. If Dutton wins I have no doubt he will bring back a lot of pissed of conservative voters, if he does win I will reserve judgment until I see his policies and get some idea of where he wants to take the coalition, but I am sure he will do the right thing by his conservative base.

Nonna from FNQ

What should be remembered? Seems what should not be forgotten is more important, particularly Bishop's hopeless stint as Shadow Treasurer from September 2008 to February 2009 - a Turnbull appointment.

Also, (slightly OT), Bishop was furious when Turnbull demanded to know how she voted when he was ousted by Tony Abbott. It gives a good indication of his respect for secret ballots!



Sending millions to Hamas to buy kites with incendiary devices to destroy Israels crops and orchards, Israel has been on fire for over 130 days and not a word in our MSM ditto the suffering of SA white farmers.
Maybe they will sit up and take notice when the activists get started here reclaiming farms that they would never have developed and homes they never paid for.


Nothing good, comes to mind.


Dancing in the limelight!

Barry J

Going from Town bike to Country bike to United Nations bike.

Wayne Shaft

That Iranian Half Knee Jabb Halloween 👻 Outfit ?

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