ABC News story on what happens when you hold in a fart. Seriously.
9/11 - 17 years ago today. Lest We Forget who did it.

5 cops killed in US - unreported on ABC - it's only news when a white cop kills a black

Bill Thompon has today made a second complaint to the ABC about its bias in reporting killings involving police in the US.

He has a very good point.

Since Bill's first complaint a few weeks ago, at least 5 police officers have been killed on duty in the US by black offenders.

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None of that has been reported on the ABC News.

But this off duty incident involving a WHITE police officer and a black man was given great prominence on the ABC's news reports.

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Here's Bill's complaint made today - a follow up to his unanswered complaint made two months ago.


On 16.7.18, I lodged a formal complaint with your ABC about precisely this issue – to which I have yet to receive a response.

Yesterday, 10.9.18, I noted the following item on your ABC News online:


US policewoman arrested after shooting black neighbour

A white police officer who says she mistook her neighbour's apartment for her own when she fatally shot him, is arrested, with the victim's family questioning whether race played a role in the killing.



The first line of your “report” gives your entire game away (bold added):


“A white policewoman was arrested on Sunday (local time) over the off-duty shooting of her black neighbour in his flat in the United States last week. …”


I had seen initial online news reports about this tragic and/or incendiary incident several days ago, via various US news outlets & wondered how long it would take your ABC News to get in on the act.


You have again exhibited precisely the reporting bias which I complained about previously.


Since my last complaint, I have noted numerous US news reports about black men allegedly gunning down or otherwise killing white US cops – eg:


17.7.18 - in Hawaii, Justin Waiki allegedly shot & killed Officer Bronson Kaliloa


Hawaii cop's alleged killer previously told by judge he has 'gross disregard for authority,' FBI joins manhunt

The entire police force on Hawaii's Big Island remained on the hunt Thursday for the suspect wanted in the fatal shooting of an officer during a traffic stop this week, as new details emerged about the alleged gunman's ...



Not “news” to your ABC, of course.


21.7.18 – in Florida, Wisner Desmaret allegedly shot Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, who later died


Fort Myers police report: Wisner Desmaret lunged at Officer Jobbers-Miller, took his gun and shot him

The 29-year-old officer was knocked to the ground and landed face-up. He tried to gain his footing, but couldn't.



Not “news” to your ABC, of course.



25.7.18 – in Arizona, Isaac King allegedly shot 3 cops, killing Officer Tyler Edenhofer


Tyler Edenhofer, Arizona state trooper, shot dead, another ...

PHOENIX -- A man with a history of mental illness used the gun of an Arizona state trooper to shoot and kill a rookie officer in training and wound another two troopers during a fight along an ...



Not “news” to your ABC, of course.



25.7.18 – in Wisconsin, Jonathan Copeland Jnr allegedly shot & killed Officer Michael Michalski


Slain officer was shot in head, complaint says

Joseph Copeland Jr. has been charged with the fatal shooting of Milwaukee Police Officer Michael J. Michalski.



Not “news” to your ABC, of course.



4.8.18 – in Michigan, Jonathan Cole allegedly struck Officer Fadi Shakur, who later died


1,600 attend funeral for DPD cop who died after hit-and-run

UTICA, Mich. — More than 1,600 people attended the funeral for a newlywed police officer who was struck by a speeding SUV outside a Detroit nightclub. A requiem Mass was held Monday for 30-year ...



Not “news” to your ABC, of course.



But when a white US officer - Guyger - allegedly shot & killed a black man, THAT certainly WAS "news" to you – as usual.


It’s called biased reporting & I ask you to furnish the following:


1) A response to my previous recent complaint(s) about biased reporting of US officer-involved shootings & other race-related issues.


2) Acknowledgement that your report on the alleged actions of Officer Guyger, while failing to report contemporaneously on any of the noted recent instances of black men killing white US cops, represents yet more unsatisfactory bias on the part of your ABC News.


3) The name(s) of all ABC News reporters/editors/producers who have been involved in the decision-making processes leading to the publication of each of the relevant ABC News reports about which I have recently complained, together with details of any remedial/disciplinary action which has been proposed and/or carried out.


I object, as an Australian taxpayer, to being forced to subsidise the biased, unprofessional activities of the various previously named and/or to-date anonymous, so-called “public servants” employed at your ABC, whose purported role is to broadcast unbiased coverage of local, national & international news to all Australians.




Bill Thompson