Good news on Clinton Foundation prosecution - new IRS chief appointed
Thank you all! This job is done - but I'll have some others to action shortly!

Adam Bandt's partner should visit a few families who can't pay their power bills

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This is Adam Bandt MP with his wife at Parliament House last night.

Here's her Facebook post.

What say you spend a bit of time with some pensioners freezing or families who can't afford their electricity bills now?

Here are a few people you could contact.

An Australian clothing charity has handed out more than 55,000 winter garments this year – and an increasing proportion of recipients are families who simply can’t pay their heating bills:

A national army of knitters is in desperate need of more volunteers to help them meet the growing demand for winter woollies.

Knit One Give One founder Ros Rogers said the organisation has already donated more than 55,000 items this year.

"The need has gone up, definitely," she said …

"We're not even talking necessarily about the homeless, or people sleeping rough – we're talking about families who can't afford to run their heating."

This is what happens when you scorn cheap and reliable coal power, throw $3.6 billion at renewable energy subsidies just this year and otherwise use the Australian public as lab mice in a UN-appeasing climate-virtue experiment.

People end up broke and begging for clothes.