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Australian parliament salutes misogynist barbarians from Saudi Arabia

As our reader J says:

A delegation from Saudi Arabia on a junket to Canberra.
I wonder if Tanya and Penny called out real misogyny when this happened today.
Or did they wave back?

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Meanwhile in The Senate:

SENATE WONG – “Whether it’s on the basis of race, sexuality, religion, ethnicity or gender”  “we should be striving for a society where all people are judged on their abilities alone” 

SENATE WONG – “this Parliament is a better place when it more closely reflects the people we represent” 


SENATE WONG  – “today, Australia ranks 50th in the world when it comes to gender diversity in Parliament”  

“If Labor were the only party in this place Australia would rank 4th in the world” 


SENATE WONG – “46 per cent of our Caucus are women and we are on track to achieve equality at the next election”

“It is also proof affirmative action, quotas, whatever term you want to use, work” 


SENATE WONG  – “too many people in the Liberal Party have a problem with women” 


SENATE WONG  – “when so few of your numbers are women, this leads to the sorts of behaviour we have seen widely reported in recent weeks” 


SENATE WONG - “It’s no wonder the Member for Curtin memorably declared she would not be another bloke’s deputy and left the front bench.” 


SENATE WONG – “Those in power, and those with control of pre-selections, rarely cede that power willingly”

 “As the 1970s Equal Pay song put it - don’t be too polite girls” 


SENATE WONG  – “male leaders have to decide whose side they’re on” 


SENATE WONG – “Sadly, at this moment, surveying the Coalition benches, I have to say, there are too few male allies” 


SENATE WONG – “It is time for those opposite to understand that a lack of female representation in this Parliament is not only bad for women, and bad for the Liberal Party, it is bad for democracy” 

SENATE WONG ` – “It is time for those opposite to join the 21st Century, to stand up to the bullies, and to support affirmative action so that this Parliament, on all sides, whether Government or Opposition, better represents the Australian people” 

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