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Biggest regional threat? Professionals say China. Marise Payne "Climate change"

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From The Australian today

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Australia’s intelligence and analysis agencies believe that the South Pacific now presents the greatest strategic threat to Australia, as a result of what they believe is Beijing’s intention to establish a military base in the region.

This marks the first time since World War II that the South ­Pacific has been of such intense strategic concern to Canberra.

China’s growing influence in the Pacific has prompted a warning from the former head of the NSA, America’s largest and most secretive intelligence agency, that Beijing is ­engaged in a deliberate power play to gain “advantage” across the ­Pacific.


EXHIBIT TWO - Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs the FINCL

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Marise Payne signs Aust up - Climate Change biggest regional defence threat

China's on the march - but that's not a worry according to Payne and mates.

She's done an Obama.

Climate Change is the biggest threat.

And by extension she reckons Trump is too.