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We first reported on Bishop's millions for unions to funnel into Palestine in May 2017.

Here's Sharri Markson in today's Daily Tele:

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THE federal government has suspended taxpayer funding to a union charity after it was ­revealed a Palestinian organisation receiving aid employed a second member of a listed terrorist group.

Union Aid Abroad — APHEDA, which was set up by unions and has been run by federal Labor MPs including Ged Kearney, has received $21 million of public funds, millions of which has made its way to a Palestinian organisation called the MA’AN ­Development Centre.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the MA’AN Development Centre is employing as a field and media co-ordinator, Hamza Zbiedat, who is a supporter and affiliate of terrorist organisation, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

The PFLP is on the official terror list of the US, the European Union and Canada, as a result of its history of hijacking of planes, assassinations and suicide bombings, while Australia has the group on its “Consolidated” list of organisations subject to financial sanctions as a result of terror and security threats.

Zbiedat, who was arrested by Palestinian Authority secu­rity forces on October 14, 2017, is the second PFLP affiliate employed the MA’AN Development Centre.

In June, The Daily Telegraph revealed the same org­anisation had employed since 2012 a leader of the PFLP in Gaza, Ahmad Abdullah Al Adine, 30, as their Project Co-ordinator and Field Monitor.


Here's part of our May 2017 story about Bishop's funding to trade unions for Palestine.


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Australian Government support

Grants from the Australian government’s aid program in 2015- 16 totalled $2.4M. We delivered Australian Aid-funded work for a food security project in the West Bank and Gaza, through the Australian Middle East NGO Cooperation Agreement.

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