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"I felt if I don't do it, Allah will punish me" - Melb ISIS terrorist pleads guilty

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From The Australian

Momena Shoma pleads guilty to stabbing homestay host Roger Singaravelu

A Bangladeshi student has pleaded guilty to stabbing her Melbourne homestay host in February in an act of terrorism to advocate violent jihad.


Momena Shoma stabbed Roger Singaravelu at Mill Park on February 9, just one day after she moved into his family home.

This morning Shoma appeared before the Supreme Court and formally pleaded guilty.

Justice Elizabeth Hollingworth asked Shoma to remove her niqab to confirm her identity.

Ms Shoma complied and in a soft voice entered her plea of guilty.

She had previously refused to stand for Magistrate Sarah Dawes during her one day committal hearing in July.

Ms Shoma told police after her arrest that she had acted on the direction of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

She said her homestay host looked like an “easy target” as he slept near his young daughter.

“I had to do it … it could have been anyone … he just seemed like a very easy target,” she said. “I had to push myself. I wouldn’t even hurt a rat … I just felt like if I don’t do it, I will be sinful, I will be punished by Allah.”

Justice Hollingworth ordered Shoma return to court in January for sentencing submissions.