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Paris Accord is a money-maker for south-west Pacific nations - not a security issue

A couple of days ago the prime minister was on Paul Murray Live - you can watch the full interview by clicking here

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MURRAY: Agree. There was one topic above all that people want you to respond to and it’s the direct question of will you pull out of the Paris Climate Accord?

PRIME MINISTER: It’s not going to change electricity prices one jot. What I’ve said very carefully is that if it’s not going to make any difference to electricity prices, so why don’t you just get out of it anyway?

Well, let’s take a look to the south-west Pacific. This is the number one issue of our Pacific neighbours, our strategic partners, our strategic security partners. This is their number one issue. There are a lot of influences in the south-west Pacific and I’m not going to compromise Australia’s national security by walking away from a commitment that was made a number of years ago to that target. It’s been there for the last four years or three years, just over three years.


The Prime Minister was being less than straight with us.

Small countries in our region stand to gain financially by pretending they're being inundated through climate change.

The only reason south-west Pacific nations are climbing on board the Paris Accord is the fact it's a gravy train.

They want the money.

We won't get good behaviour from our neighbours by encouraging bad behaviour.

Murray should have stood up to Morrison and Morrison should be standing up to the rent-seeker nations in our region.