Thank you Grom Karwowski for your service. Now posted to Eternal Guard. Lest We Forget
Background briefing for RET DETSGT Dave McAlpine

Terri Butler MP got us to pay $2000 so she could see Hillary Clinton

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You and I pay so Hard-Face can hob nob with Gillard and Clinton.

How's that work?

Why is her bum so special she needs to sting us:


  • $368.50 CBR to SYD to see Hillary
  • $400 in the pocket for the inconvenience of staying overnight
  • $200 worth of limo trips
  • $926 to fly SYD to BNE the morning after

We paid, but what did we get?


Terri Hard Face Butler got some selfies and bragging rights.

I am currently in Thailand in a $20 per night room including breakfast and pretty good wifi.

Dave McAlpine and I have been active into the wee small hours finding and getting statements from witnesses.

We will be interviewing an offender in the next few days, under caution and lawfully recorded with audio and video.

We're as busy as a dog trying to bury a bone on a marble staircase but we don't need $936 plane trips to go less than 1,000 kilometres.

Terri Butler dropped a gorilla for an hour's worth of Qantas gay rights diversity videos, Neil Perry leftovers and warm fizzy wine on linen placemats.

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When RET DETSGT McAlpine and I wrap up our enquiries in the Thai/Malay peninsula, we will catch a train to Kuala Lumpur.

There, we'll board the cheapest, least up yourself flights to Sydney we could find - $203 each, thank you very much!

 Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 7.19.00 am

(We'll be travelling sometime around that date and filing the charges against the offender GILLARD somewhere in Australia shortly thereafter - don't want to give the whole game away!!!!!)

The flight from KL to Sydney is a fair bit longer than the Wanker Class CBR-SYD-BNE diversity express.

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So thank you for your entirely optional support of what we're doing here.  No one is forced to pay a cent and I hope you take some comfort from knowing a little of how it's spent.

Compare and contrast with The Entitled and their endless access to your money via the ATO.

Not long now girls!

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