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Their ABC's standards for Brett Kavanaugh don't apply to The Left

Reader Bill Thompson has written to their ABC:

Zoe Daniel, your ABC’s North American bureau chief just filed this piece of detritus masquerading as analysis

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 11.30.14 am
Perhaps I was under a misunderstanding that the role of judges, including those on the US Supreme Court, is to consider the evidence presented in a trial & apply the law to the facts, in order to reach their decision?

I didn’t think “dishing out morality” entered into it.


Ms Daniel's analysis:

The question should not be whether a 35-year-old allegation regarding teenage behaviour should derail a career, but whether the unanswered question — is the allegation true? — is tolerable when it hangs over a US Supreme Court justice forever after.

Realistically, that may never be answered, so can Brett Kavanaugh ever sit on the court dishing out morality to the American people?

Such is the complex moral question roiling the nation as the confirmation of the Supreme Court nominee is threatened by something he's alleged to have done when drunk and 17.


In this era of #MeToo, even the President has been surprisingly tempered in his use of language towards the judge's accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who is under pressure to testify on the matter, delaying the confirmation process.

"I don't know about the other party, but Judge Kavanaugh is anxious to do it, and a delay is certainly acceptable," Mr Trump said in the Oval Office on Tuesday.

"We want to get to the bottom of everything. We want everybody to be able to speak up and speak out."

That said, he has expressed sympathy for the judge and his family rather than the alleged victim, joining a GOP chorus suggesting that Democrats are using the allegation to delay confirmation hearings until after the mid-terms.

There's no doubt some superb timing in all of this for the Democrats, who favour an FBI investigation ahead of any testimony in front of the judicial committee.

But in the middle of it all is a woman who says she's been carrying this around for more than three decades and has now had to go into virtual hiding due to threats since the allegations became public (not by her choice).

Professor Ford, a 51-year-old research psychologist, alleges that the now Supreme Court nominee forced himself on her and sexually assaulted her at a party in Maryland when they were both teenagers.

She got away, but has provided medical notes from therapists showing she's struggled with men and relationships since. A polygraph test found she was telling the truth. This article sets it out in detail and is worth a read.

Mr Kavanaugh has outright denied the claim, as have several of his friends who were said to have been there that night. For some context on that, see this piece on Mr Kavanaugh's high school mate Mark Judge and what sounds like a pretty awful alcohol culture back then at private school Georgetown Prep in Maryland just outside DC.


The White House press office issued the following statement from Mr Kavanaugh:

"This is a completely false allegation. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes — to her or to anyone."

The nation is split.

Did Mr Kavanaugh do it? What if he did? Do the actions of a 17-year-old, who has since led a seemingly fair and lawful life, carry over to age 53?


Why does that moral standard apply only to a US Conservative judge?

Why not to Gillard Federal Court appointee Judge Bernard Murphy?

Bernard Murphy's hand written notes suggest he was told about the ...
Oct 9, 2017 - The Slater and Gordon file 956276 "Bruce Wilson Bank Accounts" which containsBernard Murphy's hand written notes is 38 pages long.

The Murphy/Wilson file in full - Michael Smith News
Oct 7, 2017 - Here's the entire Murphy/Wilson file from Slater and Gordon. Download Wilson central letter etc Page 7 Handwritten note p1 B. Wilson 14.8.95 1.10pm Attended w B.W. Advised ... Page 10 Letter from Bernard Murphy to BW.

Web results

From the Wilson confession files at Slater and Gordon - Michael Smith ...
Oct 7, 2017 - This is the file copy of Bernard Murphy's 14 August 1995 letter to Wilson. ... And here are notes of a conversation between Bernard Murphy and ...

Even after stopping Wilson's first attempt to steal $160K from the AWU ...
Nov 26, 2017 - Even after stopping Wilson's first attempt to steal $160K from the AWU - John Cain Jr, Bob Smith and Bernard Murphy facilitated his 2nd effort.

It's time we started talking about the corruption in Victoria's criminal ...
Mar 12, 2018 - Here are a few extracts from the hand-written notes of former Slater and ... and now Federal Court Judge Bernard Murphy taken from the file he ...

My letter to the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia about ...
Oct 9, 2017 - I have been given a copy of the file and I attach it to this note. ...... IMHO, both Bernard Murphy and Julia Gillard who passed Wilson on to him, ...

Bernard Murphy's misleading evidence to the Trade Union Royal ...
Oct 9, 2017 - As we know from MURPHY's notes, he was fully aware of the Workplace Reform ... 3 Q. Did you ask her about why she hadn't set up a file,.




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Zooy might like to opine on a similar situation in Australia. A Court hearing into the allegation of Rape against Shorten...or aren't their ABC allowed to talk about that ???

Wayne Shaft

Zoe had tears 😭 rolling down her cheeks when the Trumpster beat the Metoo Hilderbeast . Kavanaugh will set the cente Right Cause in concrete for at least a decade . 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊💪💪💪

Liz of Vic

The staff of the ABC apparently live on totally different planet than
we do.

Just have a look at Chris Kenny's article in to-day's Oz!

Michelle Two

For the socialist left it is all about the team you bat for and the ideology you believe in, they usually attack when they fear the outcome of who is being installed... they only attack the opposition or someone that will stop their plans from unfolding as for the ABC they just follow the leader when bring overseas stories they do what they are told to do by those in the know the true believers set the political agenda and reporting.. imagine the people to people network with the journalists employed at all sheltered workshop, as they all report on the same things or follow the same stories around the globe they only tell you things they think you need to know if it suits their political agenda..

Looking back at the ABC and all its leaked sources on the intelligence topics starts to make sense and the undermining of Tony Abbott what was coming to mind early this morning while working is the spying on Indonesia and stopping the boats policy.. When it was the Rudd/Gillard period timeframe..
Makes you wonder who knows what and whose side these politicians are really on, as not many have shown true loyalty to our own country and our sovereignty and most the backdoor deals are done through DFAT and the Foreign Ministry..
I will be glad when all these souls are flushed out and the politicians around the world will fall like dominoes once this darkforce no longer has control of the intelligence service or any place within our bureaucratic system.. I would say in the fall out a lot of public servants will be out of a job, so they will be the beggars on the street for being deceitful and a part of the undercover deepstate cabal as we have them in all nations..
They were using intelligence information to undermine Abbott it seems to be the same playbook over the world and the same patterns to bring those who object to socialism down.. or globalization.. it makes you sick to think our own leaders want to harm us for their own political gains within the Elite of the world..
Jakarta has pointedly warned Canberra that time is running out for a direct explanation of claims Australia bugged the Indonesian President, adding that Tony Abbott's parliamentary explanation was not good enough.

Declaring the situation is ''not business as usual'', Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said a step-up in the Indonesian response to Australia was being discussed at the highest levels.

Dennis Thompson

The Soros and Turnbull partnership is worth reading;

Michelle Two

The Accuser has a bit of a revenge mentality... against Kavanaugh.. why don't these souls understand their own background will be brought up and the true intentions are then revealed.

Wayne Shaft

She’s a Typical Lefty ❄️ Snowflake ,funny to watch Their ABC,s Ratings crash as Sky After Dark takes Over .😜😜😜

Liz of Vic


This was of course to be foreseen, something had to happen from the Dems as to
torpedo this appointment, and they have found something!

Does not matter whether it is true or not, it is probably enough for them to succeed.


Seems like her school year book would be a good way to get some idea of the environment she was in at that time...

But someone managed to cache it first, D'OH!


If simply an allegation, whether true or not, is all that is needed to disqualify someone from high office, then what we have is a dangerous weapon in the hands of the Left. All they would need to do is make an allegation against anyone and everyone who they don't like and that person's career and integrity are immediatley tarnished forever.

The Left and the Democrats have sunken below gutter level. What we have seen of the Democrats, Hollywood elites, etc, in America since Trump won the election is absolutely shameful. They obviously don't believe in the democratic process if it means they lose. They are playing dirty politics and couldn't care less about the welfare of their country. How anyone can suport them is beyond my comprehension.

God bless Trump.


Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, with the left it is the other way around. They can make whatever accusations they like and get away with it, they know that if you throw enough mud some of it will stick, which is what is happening here with Kavanaugh. There is no way of proving or disproving the allegations, it's her word against his and that is all that is necessary to cast doubts in people's minds, and that is what they want. If this was to go to a proper court of law, not the court of public opinion, the accuser probably wouldn't stand much of a chance after 36 years, in fact with the statute of limitations in the US it is too late for that anyway, she has had that long to come forward. Brett Kavanaugh has been a judge for quite some time, she could have gone to the police at any time and made a statement but she didn't, this whole thing has a bad leftist stench to it, and if it turns out this woman is lying she should be charged and put in jail.

Wayne Shaft

Stormy ⛈ Ford . 🤪🤪🤪🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️🐞

Julie of Geelong

Just another @theirABC stooge!!!!

Who cares what her opinion is on anything!!


Her hatred of Trump was most evident when she sought the (rehearsed doctrine) views of her children, Pistol and Boo, on the subject. Her hatred has no bounds. As for "balance"...forget it.

Liz of Vic

What about the stupid allegation made on the 7.30 Report in regard to Barnaby Joyce, the woman only said she felt so awful about it, there was no actual fact at all!

That was enough for the ABC!

Jeff of FNQ

Thanks Dennis. Interesting article.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

"There is no way of proving or disproving the allegations, it's her word against his ..."

The Feds could question the named witness Mr. Judge. That could be enough.


"The Feds could question the named witness Mr. Judge. That could be enough." Mark Judge has already denied publicly that this happened, that should be enough, plus a whole group of women have come out in support of Judge Kavanaugh, and besides this is not the sort of case the Feds deal with.


If women should always be believed when a complaint of sexual harassment or in shortens case rape.,please explain why shortens case did not proceed. He said he was found innocent of the charges but that was a lie because the DPP chose not to present the case Innocence is proven in a courtroom. Why is this case any different to Kavanagh


This reminds me of the Crucible. An untrue allegation was made by a thwarted woman which lead to the death of an innocent man along with others who were charged with witchcraft. Anyone heard of the Salem trials? This is our reality and it’s a disgrace


Remember the arrogance of hillarybillarykillary at the debates when she asked trump if he would accept the result of the election? She knew it had been rigged and it never occurred to the evil woman that he would win. Oh the irony. Now she is still bleating on because she lost. Hypocrisy is so ugly

Liz of Vic

I heard the words the police-man used, when Shorten's case was closed, he said: 'there was insufficient evidence'.

This was all that was said, nothing like Shorten was innocent.

It was only later, when I read the story of the girl, who was involved, that they phoned some of the witnesses she had mentioned.

No wonder they did not obtain the evidence, in a phone-call, years after the event.

I believe the case should be re-opened if this man wants to be
a minister in our government, let alone prime minister.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

Mark Judge is an alleged accessory to attempted rape. He has every incentive to deny the accusation. But if the FBI tried to question him he might try asserting his right to silence. If things were as you think, Kavanaugh and Judge would be demanding an FBI investigation to clear both their names.

As for the silly assertion that this is the not the sort of case the Feds deal with, look up Senator Grassley demanding an FBI investigation of Anita Hill's allegations against Justice Clarence Thomas, an investigation that seemed automatic at the time (1991), and took place before Hill testified.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

I don't remember saying a woman's should always be believed. I said there might be ways of getting evidence.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

" ... if it turns out this woman is lying she should be charged and put in jail." - Bert

That is exactly what "this woman" risks by calling for an FBI investigation, particularly if she repeated under FBI questioning the extremely risky (risky if not true) allegation of a witness who aided and abetted Kavanaugh.

I haven't heard Kavanaugh calling for an FBI investigation to clear his name, or expressing his desire to be questioned by the skilled investigators at the FBI.

Wayne Shaft

Arrrrr.... she's lying 🤥 through her ass! 👺👺👺still can't wait to see her Academy Award 🥇 performance for the Commitee . 😡😡😡

Wayne Shaft

If Kavanaugh Shuck his Nuts 🥜 in that women’s face he IS a Bad Judge 👨‍⚖️

Wayne Shaft

I remember one time in kindergarten Kavanaugh pushed me over and took my Wolly Pop .🍭🍭🍭 😪😪😪🤧🤧🤧


This is o/t bit I just watched a series on Netflix called The Keepers. It’s about the cover up of sexual abuse in Baltimore and the murder of a nun who was going to the police. It reminded me of the gallant fight of Michael and his groups here to uncover the Gillard creatures fraud. The truth can not be hidden forever and it will be seen re Gillard also. No matter what the blockages faced to uncover the truth two women fought on just as Michael does. He’s awesome and I believe will be victorious. Sorry this is lengthy. I’m a bit emotional on the matter tonight of evil deeds covered over by even more evil bastards

Michelle Two

Check out the journalist behind the stories and smears..the darkforce is in panic to try and stop this appointment of Judge Kavanaugh. .
He is an associate of a US diplomat the son of Mia Farrow and knows Clinton through these association and has made a name for himself with the #Metoo movement and Weinstein..

Wayne Shaft

Looks like another Coup at Their ABC , these Neo Marxists are at War ! 👺👺👺

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