Turnbull needs a stake in the heart - metaphorically speaking
NSW Attorney General misses the point on Muslim preacher's sex sermon

This gibbering idiot is the US Bill Shorten - and likely to lead the majority party in the US House of Reps in a few weeks

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Remember "Abbott Abbott Abbott" syndrome?

Gillard had a bad case, she passed it on to the ABC and Fairfax's infection is still untreated.

In the US it's Trump Trump Trump that's devastating the minds of the Left.

Nancy Pelosi is the leader of the opposition in the US House of Representatives, the Democrats.

After the November mid-terms she's likely to be the leader of the majority party.  That'll put her head to head with Trump.

So what does she stand for beyond hosting a raging case of Trump Trump Trump?

Buggered if I know - drop me a line if you can work it out.


Here's one of her closest colleagues - Maxine Waters - a US version of Tanya.