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Virginia Trioli tells of her trauma and suffering because of the Barnaby Joyce finger twirl

Remember this?

I'll bet you thought the victim was Barnaby.


Virginia Trioli's recollection isn't about the defamation of Barnaby Joyce.

She just recalls how traumatic it was for her.

She remembers her "immense suffering".

Why play the victim card?  

She also has the hide to say it's not a sign of any bias.

Like she would have done it just as spontaneously for some of the Gillard crazy hyper-bowl TAlly-Band stuff.

And she was really really worried she was going to lose her job because of it.

You reckon?  Anyone else would have and should have.

But not Virginia with former ABC MD heading up the Trioli fanclub!

He kept her on in a serious journalism role after this too!


Here's The Australian's report on the victimhood. 

Virginia Trioli reveals trauma around her Barnaby Joyce gaffe

Virginia Trioli has revealed the personal pain around an on-air gaffe in which she was caught making a disrespectful hand gesture about Barnaby Joyce in 2009 that fuelled claims of ABC bias against the Coalition.


Trioli’s keynote address to the second annual Women in Media conference on the Gold Coast yesterday included advice to young journalists to believe in themselves, but also the revelation that she was pregnant by a matter of days when she made the embarrassing gaffe and that pregnancy failed in the days after the furore erupted.

“It’s not an excuse, it’s not a justification,” she said.

Trioli stressed she may have lost the pregnancy regardless, but said after what felt like her 100th IVF attempt, she arrived at the ­office that morning at 4am for her breakfast TV shift jubilant and “high as a kite” that she was pregnant. “We finally had an embryo that looked like it had a chance and I returned to work technically pregnant and over the moon.”

Nobody at the ABC knew her news but she generated hijinks in the office that day that were funny, silly and incredibly risky.

After a clip of Mr Joyce, who was using what Trioli called tortured language, she made a funny face and twirled her finger next to her head in a way that seemed to suggest she thought he was crazy. She did not realise she was live.

“I think my heart stopped dead for a full five seconds,” she said.

“A part of me will never ­recover from the shock and horror of what I’d done.”

Trioli finished her shift then phoned Mr Joyce to apologise; she said he graciously accepted.

She went home and told her husband she thought she had killed her career. “I can tell you now … there was nothing biased or political about that moment.”