Vale Richard Gill AO
Musos gathered outside Richard Gill's house to play during his last hours

Balinese people out in force today taking care of their beautiful island home

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I'm en route to a court in Australia - I'll be in WA briefly tomorrow then on to the Eastern states to file the charge(s) against Ms GILLARD.

I'm spending today in Bali where I had the privilege of watching hundreds of Balinese Hindu people cleaning up their beautiful home.

Indonesia often cops a bum rap.  Bali is hosting the Our Ocean conference where Australia is being so poorly represented

The Balinese aren't talking about taking care of their oceans.  They're doing it!


Here are some wonderful shots of Bali in the 1930s.  Horrible to think what the Japanese would have done to these beautiful people during the war that was just about to hit them.