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Ms GILLARD's backdated memo to Mr Blewitt is a forgery

On Thursday, 21 May 1992 Julia Gillard was in Melbourne.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.23.35 am
Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.23.35 am

Her office was in Melbourne.

Ms Gillard claims that on 21 May 1992 she provided important legal advice to her purported arms-length client Ralph Blewitt.

This is the document through which Ms Gillard claims to have transmitted the advice to Mr Blewitt.

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Ms Gillard was in her office in Melbourne on the day in question with access to her firm's resources.

This Memo purports to transmit important advice.  It purports to convey and enclose an important communication from the Office of State Corporate Affairs.

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The letter it purports to enclose is addressed to Slater and Gordon.

We now know that letter is a forgery.  We know it wasn't sent by the Office of State Corporate Affairs.

The memo to Mr Blewitt purports to enclose the forged letter to Slater and Gordon.

But the memo bears no mention of the firm.  No reference.  No telephone number.

There's no address or positional information for Mr Blewitt.  Nor for "Julia".  Not even a surname.


There's good reason the Memo is not on Slater and Gordon letterhead.

It was created after Mr Wilson and Ms Gillard were caught out in August 1995.

By then the Slater and Gordon letterhead had changed.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.38.21 am

After August 1995 Ms Gillard didn't have access to the firm's letterhead as it existed in May 1992 when this "Memo" was purportedly created.

Blewitt says he never received or saw the purported 21 May 1992 memo until it was produced at the Trade Union Royal Commission.  He states that if he'd been told to do what the memo says he would have done it.

And we know he didn't.

There was no rule change.

There was no Rule 3A.

The rules were filed at the Office of State Corporate Affairs and are publicly available.

The most senior official at that office at the time and his deputy independently state there was no letter from the "Commission" (sic) or Office of State Corporate Affairs in the form set out above.  Ray Neal says he didn't write, sign or authorise the letter.

Ms Gillard agrees she created the submission arguing the case for incorporation.  She remembers that and so do former public officers.

That submission, accompanied by this cheque ($22, the fee for a review by the minister of a decision by the commissioner) went to the Minister's office and the Minister directed the Commissioner to incorporate the AWU WRA.

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Every touch leaves its trace.