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Good on Joe Hildebrand & Studio 10 for taking up criticism of Muhammad story

Joe's spot on.  This is terrifying.

He had sex with a 9 year old girl.


Anyone have another definition for that behaviour?

And according to the teachings of Islam, Muhammad led the perfect life and is to be emulated in every way.

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What have I done for Australia?

Last night Twitter user John Newton brought this story about Ms Gillard to my attention - and asked me what I'd done for our country.

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There seems to be some interest on Twitter in my response.


Turnbull likes 💗 💗 💗 Scott Morrison’s falling poll numbers

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Thanks to reader JM for the tip.

The Australian has now taken up on the story too.

Isn't Turnbull a prick!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Turnbull likes negative polling tweet as Morrison shrugs off Newspoll

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Picture: Sean Davey
Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull. Picture: Sean Davey


Scott Morrison has brushed off his descent into negative personal polling territory in today’s Newspoll after Malcolm Turnbull liked a tweet showing the Prime Minister’s numbers going down.

For the first time in his nine weeks as prime minister, Mr Morrison’s dissatisfaction ratings are bigger than his satisfaction ratings at 44 per cent of voters disapproving of his performance compared to 41 per cent approving.

Malcolm Turnbull's twitter account 'likes' the latest Newspoll results. Source: Twitter
Malcolm Turnbull's twitter account 'likes' the latest Newspoll results. Source: Twitter

“These things bounce around and that’s the case for all politicians. But it just doesn’t distract me from the job I have,” Mr Morrison told K Rock FM in Geelong.


“When you become prime minister in the way that I did, I wasn’t planning for that to occur at that time, but when you have to step up for the leadership as I did, you just get on with the job and the people you’re trying to help.

“I frankly don’t have the time to focus on those sorts of things.”

The government is also facing a wipe-out at the next election according to Newspoll with Labor’s two-party-preferred lead over the Coalition increasing by one point to 54 per cent versus 46 for the government.

Today’s Newspoll results would be concerning for most Coalition backers. But former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has liked a tweet which showed the preferred prime minister gap between Mr Morrison and Bill Shorten closing.

Mr Turnbull appeared to remove his like of the Newspoll tweet later in the morning.

Mr Morrison still leads as preferred prime minister at 43 per cent of respondents, but that is down 2 points from the last Newspoll.

Musos gathered outside Richard Gill's house to play during his last hours

What a magnificent tribute.

NSW Police bandsmen, kids - an impromptu gathering on the footpath and onto the road outside the late Richard Gill AO's house.

How wonderful that in Richard's last hours this tribute to him and to the power of music played out there at his home.

Here's the original.


I defy anyone of my vintage with military or police service to watch the rendition of Dambusters here without a tear in their eye.

I knew Richard.

I know that he'd approve of the effect of this music.

Rest in Peace old mate.


Balinese people out in force today taking care of their beautiful island home

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 7.33.45 am

I'm en route to a court in Australia - I'll be in WA briefly tomorrow then on to the Eastern states to file the charge(s) against Ms GILLARD.

I'm spending today in Bali where I had the privilege of watching hundreds of Balinese Hindu people cleaning up their beautiful home.

Indonesia often cops a bum rap.  Bali is hosting the Our Ocean conference where Australia is being so poorly represented

The Balinese aren't talking about taking care of their oceans.  They're doing it!


Here are some wonderful shots of Bali in the 1930s.  Horrible to think what the Japanese would have done to these beautiful people during the war that was just about to hit them.