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We pay $2000 a month for Stuart Robert MP's home internet - love to know what he watches online

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Good on News Limited for calling this galah out!  

Only a bloke with an unlimited don't-give-a-rats-I'm-not-paying attitude could rack up bills like this.

Scott Morrison should tell us precisely why he's run up such high overuse charges.  What's he been watching and when?

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Gaffe-prone assistant treasurer Stuart Robert is being scrutinised again after charging taxpayers more than $2000 a month for his home internet bills.

Mr Robert was only returned to the federal frontbench a few weeks ago after he was sacked in 2016 over a trip to China for a mining company he was financially linked with.

But now the government is scrutinising his $90-a-day home internet bills, which are dramatically higher than all other MPs.

"I've asked the special minister of state to report back to me," Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters in Tasmania on Friday.

"Once I've heard from the special minister of state, then we'll take the next step.

"I think (voters would) want an explanation, and that's why I've asked for one."

Mr Robert's May bill alone totals $2832, while the vast majority of other MPs spent under $300 a month, and most about $100 a month.

Parliamentary expense records in the three months to May show Mr Robert spent more than $2000 a month on average for his Gold Coast residence.


And here's part of the report:

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Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 2.26.21 pm

And have a look at what you paid for his printing, delivery and e-something or rather.

I run a website, have Twitter and Facebook.  We get by here without a daily price tag of $1000 for "e-delivery".

Stuart Robert is a contemptible goose.  He treats other people's money - ours - with contempt.


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