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Army has its own Military Police - why are the political AFP involved in Afghanistan investigations?

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Military Police - Australian Defence Force Investigator

The Military Police Australian Defence Force Investigator (ECN 315-3) is a Regular and Reserve employment category that provides Army with a serious, complex and sensitive investigative capability domestically and overseas. This includes tasks such as crime scene examinations, investigation of incidents and the collection, recording and subsequent presentation of evidence at judicial proceedings. Australian Defence Force Investigators also work with State, Territory and Australian Federal Police.

Recruitment into the Investigator category is primarily through Military Police - General Duties although personnel may be recognised given their previous employment or experience as suitable for expedited transfer into the category.

The Military Police Australian Defence Force Investigator employment category is further divided into two sub-categories, Australian Defence Force Investigator (ECN 315-31), and Australian Defence Force Investigator Specialist (ECN 315-32).

The Australian Defence Force Investigator Specialist employment category (ECN 315-32) provide Defence with advanced skills in Incident Scene Examiner (Forensic) and additional specialist serious, complex and sensitive investigative subject matter expertise acquired through the conduct of selected specialist training courses, civilian police secondments, work placements, tertiary education and other formal education and training. An Australian Defence Force Investigator Specialist demonstrates enhanced competence and is expected to lead major investigations relating to their selected specialisation.

Upon qualifying as a military Police Australian Defence Force Investigator, individuals are posted to work within a Tri-Service unit known as the Australian Defence Force Investigation Service (ADFIS). Follow on postings are based upon the service need, career development needs and individual preferences.

Professional Standards

Regardless of the type of entry (enlisted or Officer) and / or employment category you may choose, the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police are seeking individuals who personify the character, professional and ethical standards and qualities expected of Military Police, who, by virtue of their appointment, are placed in a position of authority and trust.

Military Police Professional Ethos

Military Police are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity associated with a position of trust and are expected to embody the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police qualities, exercising prudent judgement and discretion in their private and social life. Regardless of the environment in which they work, Military Police have continual contact with all ranks and Services and civilians. Military Police are required to understand and empathise with indigenous cultures, communicate across cultural barriers and interact in detail with the local populace that may involve accessing sensitive personal information as part of their police duties, including investigations; therefore the highest levels of personal integrity, discretion and tact are mandatory.

Royal Australian Corps of Military Police Qualities

In addition to the Army values of Courage, Initiative, Respect and Teamwork, Military Police are expected to embody the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police qualities as follows:

  • Commitment: motivation towards mission achievement, particularly in police duties on operations or domestically
  • Integrity: reliability and suitability to exercise power over others, influence justice systems, and access privileged information
  • Tradecraft: application of intelligence and investigative techniques, police procedures and legal authority
  • Operational skills: ability as a planner, leader and soldier
  • Communication skills: ability to provide, receive, obtain and assess information

Service Police Code of Conduct

The Service Police Code of Conduct binds Military Police, as part of the Service Police community, as follows:

A Service Police member must, at all times, engage in behaviour that does not call into question their standing to be a fit and proper person to undertake Service policing duties. In particular, they are to:

  • Act with due care and diligence, including complying with all authorised Service Police practises and procedures in the performance of their policing duties
  • Act with honesty, propriety and integrity, including not making improper use of position, resources or information obtained in the course of policing duties
  • Act with fairness, reasonableness, courtesy and respect, without favour or discrimination, to all persons, particularly with respect to victims and complainants
  • Refrain from disproportionate and unlawful use of force
  • Ensure private interests do not conflict with official duties, including acting with objectivity and without bias influenced by person interests, beliefs, attitudes, or interests of friends, family or colleagues
  • Display the highest standards of personal behaviour, including complying with civil and military law, whether on or off duty, so as not to bring discredit upon Service Police
  • Report all alleged unlawful and criminal conduct, corrupt practices, dishonest or unethical conduct, breaches of discipline, conflicts of interest, and breaches of the Service Police Code of Conduct


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Up The Workers!

Good Question.

Perhaps the A.L.P.F.P. are being totally even-handed and unbiased and they will next be thoroughly investigating all the terrorists, murderers, neanderthals and 6th century misogynists to determine whether or not THEY fight in a meek, mild and gentlemanly manner?

I do hope the A.L.P.F.P. investigators are wearing their 'diversity' rubber pointy boobs and the fishnet stockings, wigs and high heels with matching eye-shadow. It goes so well with those epaulettes.


Good question Smithy. My answer: If our police forces had not become just another arm of government, the AFP would not be involved in what is clearly a military matter.

Grey Coat


Probably because there is a drive in (lets) say) to put a "brand new spin" on certain "Investigations".

Sounds to me rather suss.
& yet another deliberate interference into usual Army Procedure's.

Old 2 RAR Digger

So these a holes are looking at our diggers while Taliban etc go around blowing up children and women at will. The SASR doing their best to eradicate these bastards ,so what if, and if , they stepped over the mark to achieve this. Sheer political bastardry.


This is an interesting development. A federal department, the AFP to be subject to state based scrutiny and investigation. What could go wrong. Another 100 plus public servants on the tax payers teat. Also interesting that people who do not report corruption will be liable to a penalty. A noble idea but probably Orwellian in practice.

Paul Jones

Doubtful John

What amazes me is that some left wing dweeb is so dumb as to set out to destroy the reputation of Ben Roberts Smith. If they succeed in bringing him down unjustly, I would be leaving town but quick.


And why would anyone join our military force if they see how Ben Roberts Smith is being treated. It makes me puke to see these political cowards treat real soldiers like this, and yes, why the AFP and not the Military Police.

The loony left hate people like Ben Roberts Smith...unless they are protecting their miserable hides. Perhaps the AFP should travel to Afghanistan along with a few Greens Politicians to " see for themselves " where the alleged events took place, armed only with pen and paper.


My experience with the MPs whilst serving and post service was that they not worthy of recognition.. a bunch of buffoons


Rudyard Kipling's Tommy Robinson, comes to mind with your comment. Look it up, he, Kipling, says much about our own time as his.


Rudyard Kipling's Tommy Robinson, comes to mind with your comment. Look it up, he, Kipling, says much about our own time as his.

Old Digger

There is an RACMP contingent in Afghanistan, as well as the AFP doing policing work

Old Digger

Try "Tommy Atkins".

Bill Thompson

Their ABC was all over this on the mid-day news today. I call it consorting with the enemy... as usual for them.


A Military Police Sergeant told me about their badge with the two short swords (from Roman Times MPs). One short sword was to chase the Diggers of the street and the other one was to stab your mate in the back. Military Police used to attend the Sydney Detective School and complete the course. Another Corps also attended the same course. The current investigation by the AFP reeks of the Left's critical theory.


Known as "elephant trackers" or "The maximum task for minimum minds."


I'm remembering an exchange, which may, or may not have happened, at a certain unit guardroom, way back when.

"Uh, you. What brings you here, again?"

"Two of your rotten big henchmen, in their red berets, Sergeant."

"Uh, drunk again, I suppose?"

" Yes, both of them. Can't you at least inspect your troops to make sure they are sober, before going on duty?"

Michael Mazur

Nothing more than white nation destroying self hating white lefties attempting to besmirch fine examples of Australian manhood.

Later they'll be helping the Muslims pull down ww1 monuments because Australians were in Gallipoli, which is in Turkey, which is Islamic.

What also is going on is that lefties want to establish, by way of precedent, if they succeed in getting a finding adverse to Ben Roberts Smith, a change in the rules of engagement, that is, in war, the standard rule is, if in doubt, shoot first.

Lefties want to invert this to disadvantage Australian forces, to get more Australians killed.

Up the Workers!

I can't see why the military cannot investigate itself - after all, that's what the crooks in the Labor Party always do.

Whenever some numbskull A.L.P. Parliamentary member allegedly fiddles kiddies, is accused of committing rape, rorts Parliamentary allowances, scams on Printing costs, jetsets globally with the mistress on the taxpayers' tab, uses Parliamentary chauffeur-driven limousines as his own private dog-minding service, cheats at elections, embezzles $750 Million in taxpayers' cash building a lengthy pipeline and pumps designed to pump vast volumes of water - and then constructs the whole thing arse-backwards; they always reach into their pocket and pull out a hand-picked, house-trained, tame Police Commissioner and/or D.P.P. and/or D.P.P.'s solicitor and/or Magistrate or Judge who decide either that the matter need not go to trial at all, or that it should be carefully swept under the Chief Commissioners' office carpet.

Why should our armed forces be denied the same leniency the A.L.P. invariably allow themselves whenever they are in State or Federal Misgovernment?

Dennis Thompson

Marked to become member states of the world parliament will not need individual defence forces.

Consider the EU and calls from Germany and France for a European Republic and military force.

Australia's like minded politicians should be placed last on the next ballot paper.

"The Global Serf"

2 Old RAR Digger,

Yep ! "The cost of true freedom is high" !

If Australia does go down to a form of brutal tyranny
& evil "Collectivism" come,.. Socialistic/Communistic
"Regime" & loose its True Freedom it will be the Traitors
within this Country.
(who have managed achieved this.)

We (obviously)now regretfully have some(amongst us)
of those who are only too happy to serve & work for
what I, call "The Corporate Socialists" (of that
particular Corrupt) sector, (not all) & also the greed-filled
career "Party Politicians".

Plus & finally,.. a rotten now (mainly) MSM (Main Stream Media)
& some of the cowardly Top People who run it..(for Profit only) !

This sadly is what a lot of rather naïve, thick & sloppy
& materialistic don't care ,so-called "OZY Hero's" simply
don't or won't get !.. or, even suspect !


2 Old Digger,

& If not done so,.....go to a veritable mine of info at:

This Australian site has Our Flag proudly flying above
The "On Target" weekly News-Letter.(comments).

seeker of truth

The AFP are involved in the investigation under the powers given to the Inspector General of Defence Forces who is conducting the investigation. It had to be seen as an arms length investigation so Defence Forces' own with their military police couldn't be investigating their own. Under the relevant legislation, the Inspector General has the power to appoint APS being Australian Public Servants which the Federal Police are.

I just hope they can sort out the lies from the truth, especially those who are tempted to tell lies because there is money involved.


State police investigate themselves....the AFP investigates itself....yet the military is subject to outside investigation?

This smells like the form of socialist politicians, judiciary and yes, upper echelon military brass!

Liz of Vic


Yes it sounds definitely strange, but I suppose the lefties need to have their own opinion, and I bet you they will be found guilty of something far-fetched.

It reminds me of WW2, when we went somewhere by train during the war, there were the German Military Police with their dogs on our trains.

I remember it well, I must have been thirteen or so and even my mother was scared of them with the result that we only went to my grand-parents on very special occasions, as it was such a scary experience, in our lovely trains,
but the Gernmans were in charge, so we had to live with it.

Michael I see more and more that this time is coming here in this country.

Can you imagine what it will be like when Short-on is in charge?


The rule when I was a Rifleman was if you don't know who it is, let them go. It is better to let the enemy go than shoot your own men. For US Army it is the opposite

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