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Miserable old ghost Malcolm Turnbull on The Australian's "Orwellian" editorial writers

This is Malcolm Turnbull leaving politics, not being driven by hate and not being a miserable old ghost.

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A work of fiction, satirical and Orwellian to say Turnbull loyalists are blowing up the Morrison Government?

Exhibit One - Turnbull leaves Wentworth, his family actively campaigns against Liberal Party and celebrates when independent Kerryn Phelps replaces him plunging Morrison into minority government.

Exhibit Two - Turnbull loyalist Julia Banks leaves the Liberals, damns the party in her speech to the Parliament while praising and pining for Turnbull - Morrison plunged into very very minority government.

Exhibit Three - Turnbull loyalist Julie Bishop promotes Shorten's energy policy based - cynically - on Turnbull's NEG.  She campaigns for a deal to get the Shorten/Turnbull policy up.

Here's Turnbull's Orwellian editorial.  I'd say it's spot on.
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