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NSW Premier promoting the Photios fraudster Felicity "Duplicity" Wilson

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Julia Gillard got to be PM because people who knew her didn't call out her dishonesty.

Australia is still paying for their weakness.

Right now Australian politics is promoting another fraudster.

This time the cancer is in the NSW Liberal Party.

Her name is Felicity - aka "Duplicity" Wilson.

Ms Wilson is a small time crook.  

She tells lies, swears false declarations and makes things up.

She has no place in the parliament.

But she is there - thanks to the used-car salesman Michael Photios.

And because of his malign influence, the NSW Liberals have a much bigger problem than Ms Wilson.

The NSW Premier - captive to the likes of Photios - has written to Duplicity's pre-selectors.

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It's rare to find people in public life with the guts to speak out publicly on issues like this.

Jason Morrison is one such person.

He's in a prominent public role.  

He's influential.

And he's put his name to this Tweet.
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I received another note from a mate on this issue overnight - he or she says:

(this letter) is proof the NSW Premier is being guided by the same forces who gave us Turnbull - Photios and the Left. 
Against her own privately held views about Felicity ‘Duplicity’ Wilson, Gladys has glowingly endorsed the worst of the worst because the Faction said so. 

In life we buy and sell all sorts of things.

Our souls should be off limits.

The Liberal Party must have missed that lesson.