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Can you help Cara with advice on living with cancer?

Cara said:
Hi Michael Sorry to be a sook but my partner just got news that he has an aggressive form of prostate cancer in its early stages.
We fought his non hodgkins lymphoma and got that under control- then he took on a nasty kidney cancer which has also been successfully dealt with- now this.
I’m feeling a bit scared because he is saying he has had enough- he only got the news today so I understand his feelings are pretty raw but I’m worried he might give up the fight.
Just wondering if anyone of you wonderful readers have experienced this.
Cara has been one of our great supporters and contributors right from the start of this website.
I have page after page of really considered and valuable comments from Cara - here are a couple within weeks of our start-up back in 2012.
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.43.39 pm
Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 2.46.34 pm
I know there are thousands of people with real life experience who can help Cara - and others - by sharing their stories.
It's such a privilege to be associated with you all.
Thank you!