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Pauline Hanson moves Senate motion to support remote tribe that killed US missionary

There has been an incredible story in the news recently about a remote tribe that has lived unchanged for over 30,000 years.

The Sentinelese people are aggressive towards outsiders and it is illegal to attempt to contact them.

Experts have explained that this is because any contact with the outside world would have a devastating impact on their way of life. The Sentinelese people have also made it clear they want to be left alone.

That is why today I will be asking the Senate to acknowledge the terrible impact immigration would have on the Sentinelese people and to support them in their desire to protect their way of life through the enforcement of their strict zero-gross immigration policy.

It will be interesting to see if Labor and the Greens are willing to support a country with such harsh immigration rules. You would think they would be offended by the lack of diversity right?

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Here's how SBS sees it.

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