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Swedish taxpayers spent $1,500 per person/day on asylum seeker accommodation

Here is a link to the original story in a Swedish language publication.

And here's the translation - courtesy of Voice of Europe

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Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 9.16.46 am

While tens of thousands of elderly Swedes are homeless, and over 300,000 pensioners are starving, the Swedish government spent €1000 a day on rent per migrant.

In 2015, Stockholm hosted a number of “unaccompanied refugee children”. Entrepreneurs requested up to €1000 in rent per migrant from the city, which did not protest, but with taxpayers’ money paid the price requested.

“Not a single child in Stockholm shall be homeless”, said Åsa Lindhagen, head of social services in Stockholm at the time.

“We shall not have any children living on the street, and when lots of children come here, our absolute top priority will be to ensure that they have a roof over their heads.”

Later medical age tests have shown that most of these “children” were in fact adults, who also lacked valid asylum reasons.

However, an amnesty law was recently approved in Parliament, which gives these men the right to stay in Sweden, despite earlier refusals, to attend a secondary education at the taxpayers’ expense.

€1000 per day per “unaccompanied minor” corresponds to a monthly rent of €30,000. For the whole country, the cost of the “unaccompanied minors” was €2.6 billion during 2015, which is almost as much as the annual cost for the police and the judiciary.

One night at the 5-star Grand Hotel costs from €200. Hostels in central Stockholm cost from €20 per night.