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A matter of public importance

Our next steps will be difficult but worthwhile.

I have received a 6 page, 2,000 word document from the Registrar of the NSW Local Court setting out a broad range of exquisitely detailed requirements I have to satisfy to advance the private prosecution.

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I am now diligently working through each of the prerequisites - this is perhaps the most significant of them:

I...require the production of a Certificate from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to verify their approval of the proceedings

That will oblige me to attend on the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions in Canberra.  I expect to do that in company with some of the witnesses/victims in this alleged crime.

All of this work will make for a tighter prosecution.  I'm indebted to the NSW Department of Justice for giving the matter the attention that the seriousness of the alleged offending warrants.

I think progressing this prosecution is a matter of significant public importance and I ask for your help in supporting that.

Michael Smith