Hamas official - unacceptable for Western nations to have embassies in Israel
Before they were Governors General


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So now eating causes climate change...Gee, who would have thunk it.

I had reheated pizza for lunch, and I note that it is has gone up from 30.7C before lunch to 31.2C as I type this, after my pizza....maybe they are right ?

Once they decide breathing causes climate change, we are in a spot of trouble.


Annabel Crabb was on about this nonsense in the programme about the different decades and what people did and what people ate and how people dressed.
The socialists Marxist creature come in all shapes and sizes.
Barracking for the globalist crap that has been dreamed up by the socialist leftards to the detriment of society.


Bugger off HuffPost.

Michelle Two

G'day xx How are you? the energy has been a bit heavy over the last couple of days so I'm just slogging through it at the moment..
I say ignore all that crap from the darkforce that wish to control us, you instinctively know what to eat and can make wise choices according to what it is your body needs when it craves sugar you will reach for something sweet, if you crave something salty you will reach for that food, your soul is always speaking to you if you listen to your internal voice and eat from the heart you will be making wise choices and spoiling yourself with your favourite meal when you feel like it on impulse.. Don't spend your life worrying about what food you eat as you know what is good for you and what isn't so your body will always show the consequences of your choices and be calling you to do things in moderation so never let yourself go without as you will find your emotions are also tied in with your eating habits.. A lot of souls over eat when emotional to protect themselves from the energy of others also a lot of earth angels carry weight for that reason not out of greed but protection from others who end up shaming them which makes them feel worse..
Food guilt give it a miss as it goes to self worth matters also and your self confidence..
In my research of that Centre for Change I did click on a link about the controlling of food and what we eat.. Those in the elite academia world that are trying to control our very basics of life have an answer for everything and have been working on the guilt industry for so long as we go into the new energy souls are needing to break away from authority figures telling us how to live, it is up to you and listening to your intuition and calling for health issues to heal as all will be attached to your emotional and mental health so you can call for full healing by listening to your soul and taking the guidance you are hearing but believing in you and being healthy as your goal your body will then co-operate if you don't ignore your own heart and staying positive in your belief..
The messages I drew again this morning were "No" so soul isn't taking note if this same message keeps coming out, it will be for the same questions that soul has been asking so now may not be the right time, so just observe a new direction will enter when it is time so relax and don't worry the right results will come at the right time.. but this out of your mind let it go and the perfect results at the perfect time will come through..
"Improving Health" also came out so they are connected with the stress levels, call for soul healing instead of focusing on the problem, send your soul energy on the solutions and answers to your prayers.. Stay positive that you are just at the cusp of the change coming in and the challenge you are now going through is a stepping stone towards that full healing so believe it and live it, see yourself where you wish to be and take every day as a blessing that your loved ones are around you helping you heal also, let their love carry you through the tough days, and have the courage and knowledge in your own strength being there for them when you are having a bad day.. the bad days don't last so live, laugh and love to lift your soul higher to aid in the healing process and listen to your body..love and light xx

"Self-Awareness" is the message I was just about to deliver on my FB page.. make 2019 a year of becoming self aware and know your own self worth as you set your boundaries over how you wish to be treated in this life and every incarnation from here on in.. Just pondering this morning soul is now free from karmic energy and being attached to others so soul may have to tie into that energy as it is something new in souls creation, to just manifest as and create as we go, so not sure you know what that means.. You don't owe anybody anything means to follow your heart, live from your conscience and chose your battles as they will be direct as you release the energy afterwards as it will drain you, so walk away from any sort of confrontation as it will not serve soul and you will go into a lower consciousness as ego or fear energy enters instantly so you end up releasing the fear of others if you chose conflict over peace.. Soul is at a stage of understanding self and allowing all energies to pass through without having to take responsibility of others energy.. others will try and suck your energy from you as they will be drawn to it for the compassion you show.. just know when to walk away from the crap that doesn't serve.. and lift soul higher by making choices from your intuition which will always fit and suit soul things will come to you usually so you don't have to be doing anything.. love and light xx

Notice it is called the "Fifth Estate" blog.. with the second link there is a list of names of the people to people network of souls that believe they have the god given right to rule the world and control society through their authority and perception of what life is.. I just shake my head and think these souls are irrelevant to society we don't need to play by their belief's and fears as it is a controlling energy of the darkforce that feeds their own glutenous greed to inflict their belief on everyone else.. The more you know the less control they have.. and they don't like it so will fight back..

Australia’s top science and medical bodies have called on the government and community to start preparing for the health impacts of climate change, including setting a firm emissions reduction target.

The report, released by the Australian Academy of Science and endorsed by the Australian Medical Association, also states that improvements are needed to urban design and building design in order to mitigate the impacts of increased heat, flooding, bushfire and severe storms.

Climate Change Challenges to Health: Risks and Opportunities is the result of a “think tank” held last year that brought to together researchers from a number of disciplines including health, agriculture and natural resources.

According to the researchers, the elderly, sick, very young and those disadvantaged by either limited finances or remoteness are most likely to suffer health problems as the climate changes.

“Human health is where we’ll see some of the most immediate impacts of a changing climate,” Academy Fellow Professor Bruce Armstrong, one of the contributors to the report, said.

“Whether it be more heatwaves, tropical diseases moving to new areas, or lost jobs in farming, fishing and tourism; these are all directly linked to costs for health and mental health. The inequalities that already exist in society are likely to widen, as more advantaged groups are able to adapt better to this different world.”

The report makes eight recommendations to alleviate the impacts and improve adaptation to a changing climate. They include creating programs and early warning systems for those identified as being most vulnerable; better coordination of adaption strategies through the establishment of a new National Centre for Disease Control and a new National Food and Water Commission; and encouraging individuals and organisations to take early action to help affected community members.



Try our new UN-approved family sized helping of 'Fear-Mongering' for the main course and a side serve of 'Stupidity. What you really want for dessert is a bowl full of planet saving dirt...all the way from an underdeveloped 3rd world state.

Brought to you by Hungry Jerks...where the wackiness is sold by the plane load of global jet-setting environmentalists.


Oh Dear what a load of garbage. Don’t become a bogan vegan PUT SOME PORK ON YOUR FORK!


Counter punch with a lamb counter lunch :-


Michelle Two

Have you noticed for every perceived problem in society there is a bureaucratic commission, research programs and money free flowing to sort out the fears the darkforce has created..
So there are industries to keep alive, think tanks, researches, box tickers and commissions to feed with taxpayers dollars to tell everyone there is something to feel guilty about, the government then funds the awareness projects with stickers, advertising etc.. so it feeds off each other when all they want to do is control you as the main objective behind Climate Change.. as you are sure to get funding if you link it to those words and the true agenda.
The powers that be are controlling the agriculture industry and introducing pretend and false meat in its place.. they are that controlling they rather you eat chemically laden imitations then fresh from the farm produce..
That would be where your vegan activists come in also to try and change your ways of thinking about what you put in your mouth..

No thanks.. I prefer freewill for everything.. including what I eat.. I have tried some pretend meat and it was so gross I didn't eat it, not that I eat a lot of meat now I go for a lot of fish since spiritual awakening, not for any reason only it is a lot lighter and digests quicker.. If I feel like eating a hamburger I will, same with any food..I guide others to do the same as food is a very social subject as well and the hospitality industry needs your expertise by what it is in your heart you love to eat, as the best restaurants will cater for your taste's and needs and be popular for it..
Have you treated yourself lately to your favourite meal, if not I suggest you go do so when you can.. make it fully your choice from the heart and spoil yourself as you deserve it.. for no other reason then you are magnificent for what you do. Feed the man meat remember that advertisement.. he will love you for it, fill his stomach and nurture his soul and he will be yours forever, most males look for their mother in their soulmates.. as it brings them back to their foundation.. On saying that my kids love my sausage rolls, tuna bake, garlic/cheesy spuds and roast lamb especially my son I cook it in the camp oven in the oven. I got the gift of saucepans from my son for xmas they are pretty awesome stonebake ones and non stick love the frying pan so far, it is so easy to clean after using.. love you always xx
Soldier of Love..

How pretend meat is made...

I read earlier that Beyonce is considering entering politics.. the darkforce must be getting desperate to find a puppet for the cause.. they seem to be picking those they believe are popular on the screen, so that tells you something about looking for an actor like most other politicians that is what they need acting skills to sell a story.. a story created by others that wish to control..

Wayne Shaft

Read the Paris Extortion Agreement ! First they cull the Cattle 🐮 then they create Vegan Plebs ! 😳 It's only Fair , real Food 🥘 should be for the Elites . 👺👺👺

Up The Workers!

Perhaps if all the flatulent mung-beaner presstitutes responsible for the idiotic article above, ever considered converting to a carnivore diet, their employer wouldn't be known worldwide as the "Puffington Host".

Phew...who opened their lunch???

Wayne Shaft

Bet that Fat Arsed old Slag Angela Merkel eats plenty of Meat 🍖 😡😡😡

Ol, Ted


The absurdity gets better & better every day.... WTF !
just leave us alone, you pack of miserable, kill-joy disgusting
PC "Stooges", idiotic leftist jerks &.. Change agents !

just , Piss-Off !

Julie of Geelong

God, tell them to take a long walk off a short cliff and get out of my face!!!!!!

Julie of Geelong

Agree 100% with everything you say.

Tell them to get out of my face and leave me alone.
I’m quite capable of running my own life!!!!!!!!

MT Cupboard

This is all part of the UN Agenda 2030. Your indoctrinated grandkids impoverished and enslaved will thank us from the bottom of their hearts....

Ron of Brighton

Just make sure you never breathe out. Ever.
CO2 problem solved.


Would it help if we ate more Greens?


Globalists and who can do what and where.

These people are not interested in democracy - as Merkel's latest comments show.

"“Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty."

Merkel, Macron and Truedope (as his fellow Canadian call him) - all the same.

Change is coming sooner than they think and they will not be happy. They will be forced to listen to the will of their citizens.

I just regard catastrophic climate change advocates as mentally deranged. They have lost the battle but fail to accept the defeat.

Another Ian

But then toss this into the veg salad - fungii are now classified as animals

"Our Cousin, The Mushroom…"


Michelle Two

The darkforce seems to be in a bit of fear so are testing the waters to shut down news services.. they may have also been wiping incriminating information that has leaked to them also... but I see fear in this chaos..
Not everything is always as it seems when the darkforce is losing its powers, so discern from all information and trust in your intuition to see through the lies.. There are always 2 sides to a story so look closely at what the darkforce may also have to hide and you will find the truth and balance in all information passed through all sides..

Newspapers printed by Tribune Publishing Co. were delivered on time across the US on Sunday, a day after a cyberattack against the publisher hobbled the distribution of some of the nation’s biggest titles.

Tribune said it had found a workaround allowing its newspapers to publish properly. Plants relying on Tribune’s publishing systems print not only Tribune-owned papers such as the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News, but also rival publications including the Los Angeles Times and some editions of the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

The company is aiming to print and deliver its newspapers on schedule Monday, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Rob Greer

Being a simple person I seek a simple answer to this so-called problem of excessive Carbon Dioxide.

My humble offering follows ... If you really believe that nonsense PLANT MORE TREES they store about 30% of their weight in Carbon Dioxide.

Michelle Two

It may have actually been Angelina Jolie she is a UN advocate.. Beyonce has also entertained the elite at the UN headquarters though.. and pretty sure she tweeted about more money and Bishop complied to the request..

That is how much attention I pay to gossip columns and stars.. here is a song not Beyonce but Lukas Graham..

Her eyes look soul less, not much emotion in them, she must have a lot of crap going on behind the scenes..
London: Angelina Jolie has hinted she could one day enter politics, as she urged global leaders to do more to help refugees and women in conflict.

Asked whether she was moving towards a political career, the Hollywood star, an envoy for the UN refugee agency who has also campaigned on sexual violence against women, said she would "go where I'm needed".

I do like this song though about leaving a legacy and making your mark on earth by what you leave behind in the hearts of many..
I was here..



Love it!

Julie of Geelong

I am quite capable of ruining my own life!!!

jacques de morton

I remember my uncle, a member of the French Resistance, telling me the story of a raid to blow up a Nazi controlled factory.
Times were tough and the boys were living on a huge pot of bean, onion and cabbage soup. The Commander told them, "If the explosives fail, at least we can fart the place down.
Methane, the curse of green vegans.

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