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From decorated war hero to Defendant in a murder trial over battlefield actions

He admits to shooting a Taliban bomb-maker who had killed US Marines.

He did it to stop the bomb-maker from torturing and killing Afghani informants.

He has never lied about what he did.

What would you do?

Here are some comments from an SAS mate of mine online.

Difficult to understand a charge of murder emanating from a war zone. For me it was just eliminating an adversary.
I agree totally mate, he did the right thing, protecting his informant and in turn many lives. The system once again targeting good operators, just like we see they are doing to Ben Robert Smith, it does not work if we play by a flawed system. 
A great demotivator of good men. 

Another former police mate of mine has just raised a perfectly framed question:

"How is this any different from US drone operators who regularly eliminate terror cell leaders and bomb makers?"