Venezuela - socialist idyll
Climate change catastrophists and HuffPost want to control what you can eat


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Up The Workers!

Here endeth the Lesson for all those devout "progressive Leftard" religious cranks.

You've been told what to "fink" for the day - now go off like good little Labor/Brown Movement voters, and "fink" it!

If Bull Shitten ever our becomes Prime Rapist/Kiddie Fiddler, this 6th century Neanderthal will be dictating our Middle East Foreign Affairs policy.

(He's got to look after those 14 A.L.P. (Allah's Local Party) Federal seats they control, after all.)


Islam has no legitimate legal claim to even be in Israel. Islam is there only because Islam invaded Jerusalem to establish its 'supremacy' over the Jew.

There is no other legitimate interest for Islam to be in the Holy Land.


Not far from the tribal desert existence speak.


Those inbred retarded Muslims really know how to demand themselves as targets for justifiable road kill targets to make the world a better place


He should clean up his own backyard. Maybe he can explain why thousands/millions of Muslims are fleeing Islamic countries, paying people smugglers, while Western countries are spending billions$ accepting millions of Muslims claiming 'protection' as asylum seekers/refugees.

The day that the West/Christian nations end the Muslim refugee intake is the day this clown can lecture the West.


But all that lovely WESTERN MONEY AID is acceptable that needs to be stopped immediately without Israel Gaza would starve.Another case of countries outside Australia telling us what our Foreign Policy must be but Australia is not allowed to even comment on their policies and that goes for countries we give massive aid to.We are the suckers thanks to both major political parties gutless politicians.

Lorry H

Can i vomit now


A window into multiculturalism/diversity.

Western/Christian nations trying to please all foreign cultures, allowing them to build mosques which are free from paying any taxes. Multimillion$/billions$ in foreign aid each year while at the same time accepting thousands of people from those foreign countries who claim 'protection' as refugees, rewarded with citizenship & rewarded with endless Centrelink welfare for life without any loyalty or obligation as law-abiding citizens.

Julie of Geelong

Tell Hamas to take a long jump off a short
bridge - or, a short jump off a long bridge!!!


In Australia the ALP illegal imports are offered taxpayer funded lifetime welfare in return for becoming lifetime green ALP voters just as quickly as their new nationality can be arranged.

Claire Voijent

And to think they would have stayed in their own lands including Palestine if Israel hadn't been unlawfully created by Rothschild to get that oil and maintained by vassal states like Saudi Arabia, the US and UK. Who started the wars that pushed Islam into the West? Who's still doing it? The Zionist cabal. Grow up. Put a target on your own back not ours. Syria celebrated Christmas this year. Pity we couldn't say the same for Israel and Saudi Arabia. Note the embargo on Jesus over the season in Australia courtesy of our Zionist controlled media. So very respectful of those who gave them asylum and opportunity long ago. Parasites who live to destroy Christianity here and everywhere.They're not our allies, they're our enemies.

jacques de morton

But they don't stay in their own lands, do they Claire? There are over fifty countries for Muslims to choose to live in. There is only one Jewish country for Jews. Naturally, the Muslims want to destroy it.
Just like everywhere else they go.
Do you support the destruction of Israel, an historical nation re-created legally by the UN in 1948?
Or do you just hate Jews because they are more intelligent than you?

Claire Voijent

Most Israeli Jews are not Semites. They originally migrated from southern Russia after a mass conversion event 700 years ago. Zionism is about 100 years old and is a political ideology founded on the Talmud (largely) which commands 'Israel first'. Orthodox Jews reject Zionism and the existence of Israel on religious grounds. Jews were people from the land of Judea from Old Testament maps. Israelites lived elsewhere. Do yourself a favour-research the real names of Netanyahu etc. You might learn something, genius. I don't hate Jews anymore than I hate Muslims or Christians or Hindus or Buddhists or anyone else. Muslims have been and are deliberately facilitated into the West by design not by accident. This is part of 'The Greater Israel Project' which seeks to gain support from the Christian western nations by manipulating and dehumanizing a crafted 'common enemy'. Divide and conquer as they say. Sadly, you are typical of the modern pro-Zionist tool - ignorant and arrogant with little interest in the truth. FYI, Rothschild created Israel like he created WW2 and the Holocaust using the compliant Churchill. Who designed the Balfour Declaration? Learn something instead of shadow-boxing. I suspect I am more intelligent and better-informed than Zionist Jews visiting this blog and living here or abroad.

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